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  1. I also thought it was strange that after all this time (the game is not young, its several years now) we still do not have the Main BB line for the most historical most powerful Navy during WW1 and a strong navy during WW2. The addition of spot ships such as the Chinese DD, polish DD and French BB really do not make up for it.
  2. PlaneKiller

    NERF the Belfast

    The problem is not the ship itself. A destroyer will always see the Bel before the Bel sees him, and can then easily move out of its detection ranges. The ship is highly squashy and any team can counter them easily. the problem is that many Destroyer players have not adjusted to a ship being able to spot them in smoke while being non spotable them self. Cruisers job is to defend against DD, specially small gun cruisers. It is up to the big gun cruisers and BB to negate them. Work as a team, spot them, force them to use their consumables, and lay the ground work for your team.
  3. PlaneKiller

    Should I keep Cleveland

    Considering that she was the heaviest Light Cruiser, and a ship line that even by receiving devestating damage, never actually sank, she is rather gimped in the game now. going from a super OP ship to a gimped ship is tought to take, but this is the way of World of Warships.
  4. PlaneKiller

    Halloween boss's secondary armament

    Try to get close to a Yamato with all the upgrades. Her secondary will eat most DD i no time. Secondary at high level can make a difference, but only with modules and skill.
  5. PlaneKiller

    How do you get the accuracy of these ships

    In my opinion there are two numbers for Accuracy. One is how close the shells land at the designated spot, this is dispersion, and it is listed for the guns. The other is how fast the shell reaches the target, as it gives the enemy less time to leave/avoid the area you are targeting. Anybody that has played, for instance a American DD knows how horrible slow shells can affect your hit ratio. This velocity number is hidden and currently is not displayed, but it should be.
  6. PlaneKiller

    Will the flag bundles ever come back?

    Never could figure out why they would not make flags a regular items to buy.
  7. Yea, always happens at the worst time. hehe.
  8. PlaneKiller

    Add anti air destroyer in game?

    Suggest you look at the Udaloi, Tier 9 Russian DD. With the hull an gun upgrade she has 137 dps ranging from 4.3 to 7.2 km. 7 x 2 25 mm with 65 dps at 4.3 2 x 4 37 mm with 48 dps at 4.6 3 x 2 130 mm with 24 dps at 7.2 km Of course this is with captain skill and the right modules. Planes at Tier 9 have about 1800 to 1900 hit points. So you can roughly shoot one plane every 13 to 14 seconds, if you focus fire more.
  9. Nope, I am German. Just been working in China for 8 years now.
  10. Not an option, its completely chinese, and I dont read chinese. Also to open an account you have to have a chinese ID, again not something I have.
  11. PlaneKiller

    Missing classes?

    You missed the class that pretty much everybody wants, the Pocket Battleship.
  12. I am playing from Suzhou China, and some days are good, some days are horrible. Today is one of those days. Ping at 55, but every 5 to 10 seconds lag symbol pops up, -35 an the screen pauses. Then every few minutes the game disconnects. Sometimes i can go back in, sometimes i just get the spinning circle for ever. Love living in China, but hate their Internet quality and policies. Sometimes using VPN helps, but not always.
  13. PlaneKiller

    Russian Destroyers - Most are crap.

    The Gremya is a good DD for sure. But she is nothing like the standard Ru DD line. She has range and torps at level 5.
  14. I been playing the Tier 8 Russian Destroyer, and yes, on a one on one with another destroyer she does well, but most smart players in Tier 8 to 10 will not be caught alone. Against cruisers, very little chance, as they have at that tier enough turrets to stagger fire, and it just takes one shell to crit you. Your are visible to most and your 8 km torps are almost impossible to land since you have to launch inside your visibility. Also your damage is minimal in most battles, meaning you dont get much exp, have high repair bills and do not contribute to the teams victory much. sure once in a while you get a idiot enemy DD that ventures close to you, but most smart enemy players will use their better concealment to avoid you. This combined with that you pretty much a bomber plane magnet makes this ship in most battles very non enjoyable. Seems to be confirmed by many others, as there almost no russian destroyers in the matches. The original gun boat role for them was fine, but they nerfed them to much, At tier 8 they need to Increase Gun range by 2 km Increase Torp range by 2 km to 10 Increase AA fire by a few points. She would still be the worst torp ship, but at least have a chance to use them, and she would be able to fire as she was designed, as a gun boat. Anyway, I do not recommend this ship until they buff it somehow.
  15. PlaneKiller

    Aim Bot cheat

    There is a aim assist out there, it is based on calibrating your minimum and maximum range shell time. It is not as accurate as the old Aim Bot, but it is out there.