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  1. FiElD_MaRsHaL_

    Extracting Commander Exp.

    Any comments from developers/sub-octavian ?
  2. FiElD_MaRsHaL_

    Extracting Commander Exp.

    Hello So now we have a Plus sign in front of our ships commander After the implementation of ' Elite cmmdr. exp.' which we can use to fast train a cmmdr. On similar lines i suggest that WG should also allow us to 'Extract' the exp. a cmmdr. have (maybe even by using doubloons) by placing a 'Negative sign' along side the "Plus sign '' so that we can Dismiss the extra commanders lying in our reserves that we dont intend to use in future. Thnx.
  3. FiElD_MaRsHaL_

    Supercontainer tracking achievement

    Really i also wanna this to be implemented, nice idea.
  4. FiElD_MaRsHaL_

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    I got 7 SUPER Containers from first 200 containers opened but then got only 1 from next 150 opned & WG said they hav increased the drop rate, HOW ? I mostly collect TRY UR LUCK ones.
  5. FiElD_MaRsHaL_


    No, its World of Cheat Mods.
  6. FiElD_MaRsHaL_

    Primary Ships Filter : MOD

    Hello All, I know that Primary ship filter(or MOD )has been requested many times since the launch of the game , but sadly no body has yet implemented this . Its high time somebody take up this job please. Thnx.
  7. FiElD_MaRsHaL_

    Balance is Wack

    can u please elaborate ? cuz max. dispersion : Missouri > F. grobe > izumo (294 > 247 > 226 )
  8. FiElD_MaRsHaL_

    Airplane speed.

    Some say 25% , some say 50% boost, can we get an official word ?
  9. FiElD_MaRsHaL_

    Urgent Help needed

    So u got any reply to ur ticket ?
  10. FiElD_MaRsHaL_

    Bad Cover? Super Container?

    Someone should mod a supercontainer to be of golden color.
  11. FiElD_MaRsHaL_

    Detected by Radar OR Sonar ?

    Many time there r ships of both kinds having either sonar or radar OR maybe both (yep british CL).
  12. FiElD_MaRsHaL_

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    ditto for me although all i want is some papa-papa
  13. FiElD_MaRsHaL_

    Detected by Radar OR Sonar ?

    Hi So in current versions, game shows same detection icon whether ur ship getting detected by radar or by sonar. There shud be separate icons for them , so that DD player in danger can make a better decision , cuz many times ship which has activated this type of consumable is hiding behind an island & thus dd player is unable to judge whether its sonar or just a short duration radar. Thnx
  14. FiElD_MaRsHaL_

    [] Missing audio for container animation

    yep no audio for container opening.
  15. FiElD_MaRsHaL_

    Fire is permanently burning (no timer for extinguishing)

    I have also noticed this bug, but in my case even no fire icon was being shown , not even grey.