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    Avoid WOWS re-install

    Sorry dead_man I do not understand. As far as I know I only have one install that is on the separate partition I mentioned. In my case that is G: drive. I went to my G drive and launched the .exe. The updater did the last patch with no problems. So, far as I know I do not have a "new" install to past to. Thank you again.
  2. Ambassador_Kosh

    Avoid WOWS re-install

    Good day all. I had to do a re-install of windows the otherday. I have WOWS on a separate partition. I go to the the launcher.exe and did the last pach/update. When it was done installing the launcher restarted and now wants to download the game all over again 10+GB of it. To make it worse, we have net metering here that limits me to 950mb per day total usage. So in 2 weeks or more I may have this done :-( So, my question is.. is their a way to avoid a total re-install of WOWS that I already have on my "games" partition ? Thank you for any help !