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  1. Counterflak

    Should match making take into acct ranked play

    OP will probably not know who that is. Flee while you still have a functioning frontal lobe!
  2. Counterflak

    Poor Ping = Poor RNG

    It's all down to how timely your ISP re-routes the traffic. The main issue for the high ping is your packets are following their normal path, like if you come to a detour sign on a road due to a road closure. This time around most Australia ISPs seemed to have been more quick to react with the routing through HK making things negligible for latency.
  3. Counterflak

    Poor Ping = Poor RNG

    Old cable in combination with a very busy shipping lane, and it's only important for low latency/high bandwidth applications such as gaming or video conferencing, every other use is fine with the extra 80ms of routing through the east coast link to HK. By July next year it won't matter as there will be newer cables RFS (ready for service) with higher capacity and more durability running out of Perth.
  4. Counterflak

    USN Cruisers split

    The precedent sent by the other line spilts would suggest you would get a Cleveland at tier 8 and its tier 6 replacement.
  5. Counterflak

    US CV Changes Suck

    Maybe you should offer some suggestions and or construction conversation to improve USN CVs then? Otherwise you're going to get the same response from most of us; you're ranting.
  6. Counterflak

    Rant, from a BB player

    Shitposting this is not.
  7. Counterflak


    You guys have a funny definition of trolling. Bad posting is not trolling.
  8. Counterflak

    Premium BB Idea: USS Tennessee

    Yeah we totally need more US premium ships.
  9. Counterflak

    The mighty HMAS Perth.....her last battle

    You guys know that there's a Historical section of the forums for this kind of think right?
  10. Counterflak


    The only thing close to real life in this game has always been model accuracy. Everything else is fudged to make the game more playable in an arcade setting.
  11. Counterflak

    Clan creation cost = Rip off?

    CW here in WoWS is closer to the Strongholds game mode than the on map CW of WoT. I don't think doubleloon farming was ever going to happen.
  12. Counterflak

    Why WG why?

    Don't play Anime botes and you won't get anime gril voices.
  13. If you are a member of the GZ Test Facebook group I suggest you look there for instructions and information.
  14. Counterflak

    High Tier Players in Low Tier Battles

    Likely. Borderline paranoia. Very likely. Also keep in mind that a good proportion of the player base are having issues with international connections to the server so you and others will have higher latency than normal.
  15. Quality shitpost,, 9/10.