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  1. You should've gifted me at least 2 boxes. Share the love
  2. naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  3. iNyaruko

    When you get a Kraken and Lose

    It's a feature :'D
  4. Shoulda stopped at 3 consecutive loses
  5. iNyaruko

    Why so less ships in premium shop?

    sekrit ships
  6. iNyaruko

    So uhhh any trick to the Myoko?

    I'm happy to learn a thing or two about cruisers too. Playing too much BBs lately and I felt this "stale" feeling from the game.
  7. iNyaruko

    IJN OP and has more ships

    op ships are not ijn wtf op it's kriegsma--
  8. iNyaruko

    vanishing ships

    That's why you don't sail straight. Never sail straight.
  9. iNyaruko

    Make torpedo one shot weapon

    I guess someone can't do torpedobeat.
  10. iNyaruko


    Sssshhh. It'll be over soon, my child. -Zao
  11. iNyaruko

    World of hide and shoot.

    More like world of tuck your tail between your legs and run while shooting.
  12. iNyaruko

    Sink the Alabama ST!

  13. iNyaruko


    Infuriate another destroyer captains with your dual guns
  14. iNyaruko

    XP and Free XP

    Some of the tasks on campaigns does reward doubloons