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  1. mychatz

    ARP Ships

    Sideline comment: This man deserve a cookie! On topic: It's over and as what others already comment, no more ARP mission .
  2. Luckily DMW only post a pic which can describes the OP story . I wouldn't be surprised if dmw or other mod's would "drag" the WG EULA / TnC / TOS here and starts "slapping" these complaints of unfair, unjust etc and such. Word of wisdom , check out the rules and read it . Read it again and this time understand it and last but not least, play normally as you were playing it the first time of this game, the fun and excitement part is to be highlighted . If you can't do it, division up with a friend and if that's not working for you, turn off your PC and cooldown somewhere and have a drink.
  3. mychatz

    Sink the Alabama ST!

  4. mychatz

    Commander's exp...

    You can actually go to the post battle result at Credit and XP tab. At the bottom of the result, there's a drop-down menu says Commander XP .
  5. mychatz

    Members of a division should share exp

    If the situation for example a player in your division got disconnected and did not move/act as per normally a warship should do, the player gets the same amount of experience as other division members. I don't think that's a good idea and i wouldn't recommend it to be implemented because it would cultivate a lot of "free loaders" . We have enough problem with AFK players and certainly not this. Regards
  6. mychatz

    ban without knowing which mod is illegal

    To be safe side of the fence, please use plain vanilla client. It doesn't hurt at all, just need to re-educate yourself. If moderator like Sy, dmw, leng even amade were to drag the EULA here to you OP. You wouldn't have any standing point to counter that EULA or ToS. The risk is also mentioned in most of the mods creator stating that you bear all the responsibility to your action and accepting the mods creator EULA . So if you were caught in the act of using illegal mods which deems fit by WG, then it is a strong , concrete facts and figure that WG has obtain from you when you are using that mods. Hence my take on this one, use plain-vanilla as per what WG provided unless otherwise stated. I do agree on some point in context of skin-related mod, regardless what is, you do have to realize that it will not survive the next update or patch and the risk is not worth while. Regards.
  7. mychatz

    Searching Malaysian Player who active in this forum

    Dear fellow Malaysian, do let me know should you all need to access our Teamspeak server to chat. We do have our WoWS MY in game channel too. "Good luck and fair seas Captain"
  8. mychatz

    Suggest a nick for me....

    Less_XP (jokes)
  9. mychatz

    First Game in Akizuki, impressions

    I think it's fair to compare apple-to-apple . We're discussing about the new Tier 8 IJN DD of course and after all let's help OP by giving some constructive inputs discussion on how the build would likely to be. Back to topic: I strongly suggest AFT and CE for best effect since Akizuki can easily take advantage on so called invisi-firing. Regards.
  10. mychatz

    First Game in Akizuki, impressions

    Triple Division with Akizuki + Torp Reload booster to each = Concentrate torp area = Raising the dust of hell for any ships = gg Regards
  11. mychatz

    New Captain here :)

    Hi, Welcome to forum World of Warships ASIA. Since you're our new Captain, i think maybe it's much better for you to watch some videos by one of our great Video Community Contributor Eurobeat , lengxv6 and iChasegaming. Do refer to the links provided and browse through their gameplay and commentary . I believe that would brings you up to speed with WoWS Asia. iChaseGaming Eurobeat lengxv6 I do highly recommend you to at least finish up iChaseGaming on Captain's Academy episode's since that whole series help me so much, "Good luck and fair seas" Regards
  12. mychatz

    How to record battles?

    Dear OP, Quoting from what @ReNation posted, i would probably go for OBS should you want to go for something like iChaseGaming, Notser, atsf, Lowko has done before. Most of those guys uses OBS for recording and adding their own commentary on their replays or live gaming. Regards.
  13. mychatz

    login problems

    Hi Skeru, Welcome to World of Warships ASIA. You can follow this link to download the latest client for ASIA server by clicking HERE Regards.
  14. mychatz

    Thank you!

    Somehow the image seems to be too big when displaying in my monitor. Hmm.. Anyway, hope your internet will get back up as soon as possible. Regards