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  1. KatzeWolf

    Submarines Are Coming

  2. KatzeWolf

    Calling People From How They Play

    I'm a beta tester, and I'm a newb xD
  3. KatzeWolf

    How can I access other servers from China?

    Well OP is asking how to access the SEA server from China. China has its own server so if OP was to use it they would need to reroll. The best way if it is blocked would be to use a VPN, 'Private Internet Access' is a good choice. Another is Hotspot Shield. Booming voice "Charmed."
  4. KatzeWolf

    Link account and forum

    Because there is not much English interaction on the Sea forums (well not as much as the US forums), I have created a US account spercificly to interact on the forums. My suggestion is, allow users to link their preferred profile to their forum account. So for example, I could link my SEA world of warships account to my US forum account. This way on the I could post on the US forums with my SEA acocunt (with games played etc). Could just put, "SEA Player" under the profile pic. I'm fairly sure the forum is capable of doing this. And it would be a really nice addition.
  5. KatzeWolf

    How can I access other servers from China?

    I'm fairly sure if you use the SEA client, you can access the SEA servers anywhere. I am unaware if it is blocked or anything in China. If it is, you can use a VPN.
  6. KatzeWolf

    Submarines Are Coming

    I hope we get subs, the game play seems like so much fun. Would be awesome if you could hear their sonar pulses when they are close as a warning.
  7. KatzeWolf

    No ship horns after patch?

    Ships have horns? I think I have been away too long.
  8. KatzeWolf

    Warning. Steam download 11.9 GB!

    Just redownloaded the entire game, took an hour.
  9. KatzeWolf

    Steam vs Wargaming Game Centre

    I forgot Wows was on Steam, might give it a try. Does anyone know if you can copy the files or would it need a clean install? I'll try anyway.
  10. KatzeWolf

    Submarines Are Coming

    There is only one thing I hate more than seeing a sub on sonar... Not seeing it on sonar.
  11. KatzeWolf


    I really hope they manage to find a good way of implementing them into the game, they look like so much fun. If they do implement them, they should have a very low view range when submerged unless they go active (active sonar) but in doing so, alerts everyone within range of their location. Never going to be that epic though :P
  12. KatzeWolf

    Active Sonar/Radar

    Give destroyers the ability to use Active Sonar/Radar, it can be an active ability with so many charges or like the damage control active, with only a cool down. The idea is, when a ship switches to/uses Active Sonar/Radar for a short duration their view range is significantly increased and all ships within that range are spotted, but because the ship "Went Active", every ship within that radius (that got spotted) also spot the ship that went 'Active'. And the ships that get spotted get a warning saying something like "Warning, Active Radar Detected" and puts a big red target on the ship that went 'Active'. This would give the destroyers another way of spotting for their team,
  13. KatzeWolf

    Ship listing or heel

    I meant even if the flooding is repaired, the list should remain, as there is still water in the hull. It makes more sense to severely damaged ships, like under 10%. It would only be an effect, it shouldn't affect the ships performance at all.
  14. KatzeWolf

    Ship listing or heel

    Would be cool if a ship took a lot of damage on one side, or a lot of damage in general, the ship would start to list/heel to one side. This also could be a side affect of extensive flooding if the damage control ability was on cool down.