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  1. Hey all, Experiencing some issues trying to play Random and PvE game modes As at this time, I was able to play one random game with my Mo around 1.30pm today and all was ok I then swapped out to Tirpitz for some brawling action and was stuck in load screen. I then tried alt tabbing, alt enter and even threatened client with task manager to close it down - did not work. This happened three times in a row (with a fourth time mentioned below in more detail) all using the derpitz. I was able to switch view from load screen to the team layout and watch people move around the mini map there. I was able ot hear sunds off torps being launched and gunfire. On the last instance of this "hanging" (the fourth instance), I decided to not touch the game and let it "load" in its own time. So I sat in loading screen for about 7 minutes 23 seconds and I finally got in the game (I didn't have the presence of mind to screenshot, I was a little cranky and on the verge of having a tantrum that would make a two year old envious). I was able to type in chat and see chat but my screen was black. I could throttle my ship up and down (I could hear the noise, but not see it) and fire (again, not able to see anything but black screen) Thus, on the cusp of having a two year old tanty, I close down the client. I then reloaded the game and was able to sit in dock, but enfuriating me further my ships disappeared and I was not able to swap to "refresh" the ships. I wasn't even able to swap docks. Sigh. (a really really big sigh). Thus 1 day premium wasted. In amongst the previous 3 attempts at trying to get in game, I tried the following: - roll back graphics drivers (previously worked when patch 7.2 was released a couple days ago) - restart computer (hard reset) - restart computer (windows reset) - restart/reset router (a bit draconian but I was getting cranky) - flush dns cache - run a ping to my ISP (confirmed my net was working fine) - run a ping to wows website (some packet loss but was otherwise fine) - played WoT, connected fine After the 4th instance, I asked in game if anyone was experiencing the same issue; one person expressed that they were as well. Interestingly, here's a screenshot of what my dock looked like after the 4th game resolved itself; note that my ships are not appearing either If anyone has or is experiencing this issue please post if you've been able to fix or maybe some form of work around etc Cheers all *edit: fixed some spelling mistakes
  2. Hey all, Earlier today (01 March 2018) I started experiencing disconnects trying to get into Random matches - which was odd since I had not encountered this error before. The issue: The loading screen would complete and instead of getting into the Random Match game, I would crash to desktop with an error message saying " World of Warships 323551 has stopped working " Now, I tried reinstalling the client and on my crappy internet connection it takes me some time to download; a couple of hours later, the error occured again - so understandably I'm a little salty at this point. Thus, unsintalling, cleansing registry entries and re-download a " Fresh " client and re-install did not work. This fix works for AMD Radeon R9 200 series: Even though my graphics drivers were up to date; I uninstalled the current " optional " drivers 18.2.3 and reverted to/installed 18.2.1 This fixed the issue for me. Finally a special thanks to the sharkbait for reporting me AFK and dropping my karma by 10. Next time please kindly ask in the global chat if someone was AFK before you started laying down your version of justice because in actual fact I was disconnecting on launching the Random Matches on all the occassions today. Hope you feel satisfied with yourselves and have an enjoyable day.
  3. Hey Bug hunters, While playing a round of Operation Killer Whale, I found a place in the map where it appears you get stuck and can not manoeuvre out of it OS: dual boot Linux (primary), windows ("gaming") Client type: Wargaming (not steam) Installation type: Wargaming (not installed in steam or by steam) Ship used: HMS Gallant Game mode: Operation of the Week: Killer Whale Date: 21 January 2018 Time: 1514 hours Mechanics of getting stuck: At the early stages of the game, all was going well, I popped smoke for team mates to creep through the F4 grid square and sneak up on the destroyer and cruiser in that vicinity. I came through F4 hugging the island in the F4, E5 corner just below the gun fort; I then popped smoke and pulled hard right to form a U shape smoke cloud. After creating this U shape, I came out of the hard right turn hugging the beach of the island in the F4 corner with the southern most gun fort. As I was running towards the corner of F4 and F3 I got an abrupt and fleeting message saying collision and then I was pulled into the rocks and beach adjacent to the gun fort. I then spent the rest of the game attempting to manoeuvre out using a combination of forward, reverse, reverse hard left/right and forward hard right/left to get out. When going full forward and full reverse, it would do maybe 2 knots at most and then get stuck; so slowly and painstakingly I managed to get about a 45 degree incline to the beach, but it was still stuck and was not getting free. A point to note; that once I got to a 45 degree incline to the beach; I would get pushed back on the beach if I tried to manoeuvre again, so I simply kept the 45 degree angle and hoped the team I was playing with empathised with me and my plight. Another point to note: when stuck, the enemy spawns ignored me and I was free to engage despite the nearest friendly at that time was on the extraction point. In my opinion this sticky point could be used as an exploit. Pics of my ship stuck and subsequent screenshots of me trying to manoeuvre out (note: I was still stuck even at the end of match) attached.
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    DELET this thread.

    Moggytwo's post #26 beat me to it - I found guides like those invaluable. Here's another video to assist I've played WoWs for a while and when I first started I was like how the blankity blank blank are these blankity blank blanks able to hit me at max range and consistently. It wasn't until I understood the mechanics of aiming, firing, leading and dodging did I realise that I was being the blankity blank blank. I've spent the majority of my play time in Tier 6 ships; namely the Leander and Perth - I don't play Battleships that much (I Don't have the patience for the careful aiming and leading and subsequent miss or shell dispersion kicking my careful aim). The thing I love about the Leander (and Perth) is they're essentially the same ship and the rifles and shell dispersion are quite tight and I can land most of my shells on target on a targets broadside and also when the target ship is coming/going astern/abow at a slight angle; admittedly when the target ship knows what they're doing and have angled properly my shells sometimes bounce, but hey, it's still a hit and still gives points I've read a lot of the comments above and I think what people need to understand is how their rifles and shell dispersion works. If you come abeam (ie giving your broadside) to a Battleship and don't slow and turn to port or starboard, you're going to cop the majority of the salvo. It's better to turn towards or away and giving an angled target to the battleship as soon as you see the "incoming barrage" icon (if you have that commander skill) to minimise your target profile.. understand that you will get at least a couple shells on you but if you've got your angles correct you should get bounces. But! If they're using HE plunging fire at range on you, then understand that evenif the HE doesn't pentrate, the shell with shatter and set you on fire. AP rounds work better at a flat trajectory on a flat surface - ie less armour to penetrate. here's a link that can explain it better then I. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gunnery_%26_Armor_Penetration Please don't take my post as a "stop whinging and git gud" post; I want to help in everyway including educating - as I never got this when I first started playing (kind of wished I did have someone willing to educate me) **edit*disclaimer: my profile shows I played since 2013; that was for WoT, not WoWs; I don't have 10k WoWs game on my belt, so take my advice for what it is, experience at play
  5. Voidhawk

    Asians, what ships do you really want to see?

    Yes, thats what I thought; the image in the link provided is certainly when she was being used as the Tobruk Ferry (that image also pops up in the navy link below) Here be more information about RAN ships: http://www.navy.gov.au/hmas-vampire-i Sadly, I was trying to understand the comments made in the post here: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/137472-hmas-vampire-inbound/ about quad tubes and correlating that with my knowledge from the RAN database and Wikipedia (yes, I probably should have known better to rely on wikipedia lol!) Admittedly my RAN knowledge is mostly on the WW2 cruisers and more recent OHP FFG/H's
  6. Voidhawk

    Asians, what ships do you really want to see?

    Sorry for necro-ing this thread I notice that the Vampire is being released as a T3 Destroyer, but images show it only having 1x torp tube... is this correct? From the images I'm guessing shes the D68 Vampire which means that she's meant to have 2x triple tube torp mounts, and then these were upgraded with quad tubes before she was sunk by Japanese dive bombers in April 1942 Anyway, ships I'd like to see more of: Commonwealth ships; specifically Australian ships. Australia during WW2 had a lot of auxiliary ships, corvettes and destroyers, but Australia did a great job with the small number of light and heavy cruisers we had at our disposal discarded by the British "junk iron flotilla" which they deemed fit for the "damned colonials". 1) HMAS Sydney D48 (modified Leander light cruiser) - reasoning: she has good speed and was agile, good rifles, historically was a great sneaky recon gunboat in her own right (her rifles had a good range of about 24km) and she has a number of battle honours as well as a posthumous battle honour for her going down fighting whilst in a MAD gunfight at close range with the merchant raider Kormoran. My suggestion is for her to be considered a Tier 7 or 8 ship with her consumables being something like: repair party, smoke generator (exactly like perths smoke mechanic), surveillance radar (my reasoning for this is that during WW2 Australian ships while on coastal patrol were often "Alpha units" and had long range guns so would use their range, "stealth" and "detection" range to their advantage -but of course due to Axis raiding on Allied merchantment ships and the Admiralty wanting to capture said raiding ships as a prize.... but thats a story for later heheh), spotter aircraft and perhaps a special module reflecting her heroic fight to the bitter end that captures her tenacity for instance despite her crew being caught flatfooted (contentious issues surrounding this) and having her gun direction tower and bridge knocked out by the lucky shots from the Kormoran in the opening salvo, her crew were still able to get to action stations and manually return fire to critically cripple the Kormoran while the Sydney continued her limp over the horizon and succumb to her wounds. Heroes to the end. 2) HMAS Australia D84 (County class heavy cruiser) - She has a number of battle honours and was the flagship for ANZAC squadron and then Taskforce 44.. I could go on about how she recieved the most honours of all Aussie ships, but I'll leave it alone. My suggestion would be she make a T7, 8 or 9; consumables repair party, smoke generator (like perth's), surveillance radar (as mentioned above), spotter aircraft, and maybe a special module reflecting her "Flagship" role 3) HMAS Canberra D33 (County class heavy cruiser) - essentially for the same sort of reasons above 4) HMAS Arunta I30 or the Warramunga I44 (Tribal destroyer) - same class as the already in game Polish Destroyer "Lightning" As for an Aussie battleship... hm... well looks like the Aussie commonwealth line will have to miss out, so perhaps to balance that make the cruisers a bit more historically accurate by giving them longer ranged guns with a lower detection range ?
  7. Help me get addicted to WoWs I love the RN (UK) line of ships despite them mostly being "cruisers", but I'd like to see more Commonwealth ships.. Well, Australian ships really (sorry Kiwi's and Canadians) 1) HMAS Australia - County class heavy cruiser 2) HMAS Shropshire - County class heavy cruiser 3) HMAS Sydney - Modified Leander light cruiser 4) HMAS Hobart - Modified Leander light cruiser 5) HMAS Arunta - Tribal class destroyer 6) HMAS Vampire - V Class destroyer And a new line of ships (perhaps mainly for the German line), Merchant Raiders/Auxiliary ships 1) SMS Kormoran (historically HMAS Sydney's nemesis) - Auxillary cruiser
  8. Hey all, A suggestion aimed at the Dev's in relation to the Perth I love the darn thing to bits and I play it well, but its lacking and it's starting to really irk me considering some of the newer Premium ships being released are quite competitive right off the shelf.. yes, good readers, you know which ships I'm referring to Since at present, the Perth is the only Aussie cruiser available, perhaps its time to make it a little bit better and more competitive in relation to other cruisers of the same tier/line rather then letting it remain as a "collectors" ship (or only for the most hardcore captain). I understand that the smoke generator is pretty decent, but remember, its a selfish bubble; it's diametre is quite small unless a certain skill is taken to make it a bit more "team friendly", so the Perth needs something to help it be a bit more of a team player and not a ship that simply takes up a port slot As such, my suggestions are these: 1) Increase the range of the rifles from 12.6km to something like 15km; despite the fact that the mark 23 rifles Perth and her sisters were equipped with actually had a range of about 23km (interestingly, in WoWs, the Perth is using mark 21 rifles... I can't seem to find any references to the modified Leanders (or even the Leander's for that matter) using mark 21 rifles but I'll let that slide for now), so she at least fills a fire support role for brawlers 2) Allow one of the consumables slots (perhaps the hydroacoustic slot as at present it's rubbish for what the Perth's current strengths are; medium range fire support) the ability to chose between repair party or whichever is currently in that slot, similar to other RN cruisers. My reasoning is this: the Perth (being a modified Leander light cruiser) had two stacks due to having two engine spaces occupied by 2x admiralty boilders and 2x parsons turbines which allowed the Perth (and her sisters) to operate even if one engine room was incapacitated 3) Give the AA guns a slight buff. I'm not suggesting for it to be something dramatic, but rather something that at least enables Perth's AA to shoot down one or two planes while they buzz around Perth's head (basically, so Perth's AA is not a complete joke and she is sunk without any effort on behalf of a CV captain) I think these will probably make the Perth a little more competitive without it being too over the top
  9. Voidhawk

    HMAS Perth flag

    Hey all, I bought a Perth a while back While I enjoy playing my Perth and after buying the Hood, I realised that something was amiss; I did not seem to have the commemorative flag So I looked around and found this post: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/123924-does-perth-ulitmate-bundle-come-with-flag/ I bought my Perth before this and I bought it as the "ultimate bundle".. I don't seem to have the flag for Perth.. I know its just cosmetic; as I have the RN Hood and its flag, but my point is I don't/never recieved a flag and I'd very much like to fly it Can a Dev reply and let me know what I need to do to get the flag? (or perhaps fix this issue?) Cheers,