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  1. Ryoukuyashu

    Preliminary Japanese tech tree changes

    maybe Hakuryuu is successor of urnyuu class "Project number G18" but it just project.
  2. for number 2, but it will be hard if to dodge when the torpedoes launch by Torpedo Aircraft =3=
  3. Ryoukuyashu

    Preliminary Japanese tech tree changes

    Just wanna ask about that Tier X IJN Aircraft Carrier, i search at wikipedia for searching about "Hakuryu" but i dont find any information about that Aircraft Carrier I
  4. Ryoukuyashu

    What are you reason's playing WOW'S?

    reason to play cause i dont have yamato in kancolle, but i can have yamato in WOWS if i play seriously
  5. Ryoukuyashu

    Japan or USA Destroyers?

    looking again ==" yup I miscalculated, but still kitakami it too Over Power
  6. Ryoukuyashu

    Do you keep wonder....

    that's why when i hit cruiser boiler it's cause 19000+ damage when i use AP Shell
  7. i just wanna ask about how much hit point when 1 torpedo hit hull of battleship. cause when i playing, i get 1 hit from torpedo and destroy my shit *btw my ship is Kongo*
  8. Ryoukuyashu

    Japan or USA Destroyers?

    if you mastering with torpedo use IJN, if you have money to spent on WOWS i recommended you Goddes Queen Torpedo Kitakami Mount 60 Torpedo in 1 ship *30 Left Side & 30 Right Side*
  9. Ryoukuyashu

    Secondary weapons?

    oh, i see. that's why i can't see AA when there is aircraft in sky but automaticly i killed that aircraft but for low, i can see my secondary guns firing enemy ship when i closed to that enemy
  10. Ryoukuyashu

    There goes my CBT

    Same as me You will recieve it, i just got the link this day
  11. Ryoukuyashu

    IJN Mutsuki class destroyer

    deal with it, i even using mutsuki just for upgrade torpedo to my takao and tatsuta
  12. Ryoukuyashu

    There goes my CBT

    then if you say is true than, well i will waiting in historian forum cause i want to be historian =3=
  13. Ryoukuyashu

    There goes my CBT

    and so, there is player just like me. okay, let's hug together
  14. Ryoukuyashu

    I guess I didn't make it?

    5:12pm in what time ? singapore ? i applied at 8.10pm indonesian time (GMT+ 07:00). if measured up today, I've been waiting for two days
  15. Ryoukuyashu

    There goes my CBT