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  1. _Sammich_

    Why your AA sucks by Ichase

    Had a game in a full AA spec Gneisenau where I shot down 18 planes while being focused by 2 Ryujos before I was sunk. Previously I would have shot down at least 40 when using manual AA.
  2. _Sammich_

    main gun reload booster...

    It would be nice if WG could stop with the power creep and gimmicks and just focus on balanced ships instead...
  3. _Sammich_

    Arson award unreachable now??

    One word. Shchors
  4. _Sammich_

    New Ships for friday?

    The other ships are in now e.g. Koenig Albert.
  5. _Sammich_

    USS phoenix

    FYI - This is not the Phoenix in game though, which is a WG paper ship based on an Omaha prototype.
  6. _Sammich_

    How to deal with so much radar in a DD

    All valid points. In regards to radar, in addition to not being able to go through islands as soon as you use it you should be spotted for the duration. This would encourage risk vs reward behaviour and wouldn’t make it automatic an anti-dd device.
  7. _Sammich_

    what a ripoff

    Meh, WG paid ME to get a container. I got a Ticonderoga, an Arleigh Burke and 1000 flags!
  8. _Sammich_

    Winrate is Meaningless

    Assuming the 40/40/20 loss/win/skill ratio similar to tanks, your amount of skill will influence 20% of the games you play. The way I look at it if you’re a 41%er, you can influence 1 out of 20 those skill-based games (eg. 5% of games), conversely a 55%er will influence 75% of games which depended on player skill (15 out of 20 games). Just count the games where you’re up against fishing divisions as the 40% auto-lose category. simplified explanation, but it works for me.
  9. _Sammich_

    SE is a must have skill on BBs

    Well played OP, you trolled them good. +1
  10. _Sammich_

    teammates' routes on map

    No option for bacon? p.s. voted yes
  11. _Sammich_

    An Opinion on Cruisers (May 2018)

    Nice post, although the shchors is not a low light of the Russian line. With IFHE and 12 accurate 6” guns the thing is a monster if you stay at range.
  12. _Sammich_


    The reason why people are afraid to push is that “if they die in game, they die in real life.” obviously.
  13. I prefer the Phoenix as my stress relieving ship. 15km range with casemate hubs means you can use WASD hax like a boss,
  14. _Sammich_

    Varyag Marathon

    Hydro upgrade. May come in useful for my German cruisers and DDs when I get round to them (only at Gaede) I suppose.
  15. _Sammich_

    Aigle mission part 19

    Closer to 5. You're assuming each game runs the full 20 min. It had the added bonus of helping me earn credits and do some grinds. What was annoying was that I had a 1711 base XP game in my 3rd game. Also had a couple of 1200XP losses in the Scharn which would have got me there if they had have been wins instead.