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  1. _Sammich_

    Account selling on Asia

    Why doesn’t your friend try it with a WOT account as a trial?
  2. _Sammich_

    So many "broadsides" in Western servers

    If the gameplay on the Test Server is any indication, then EU players are absolutely horrid. They seem to sail broadside and make no effort to adjust speed or course, making them easy pickings for citadels or torp drops.
  3. _Sammich_

    No I'm not ordering that Sunday Steamroll

    Proof that CVs are bullshit. Well done OP for just sitting back and farming damage.
  4. _Sammich_

    Don't hate me because I'm rich...

    Wanna swap then Ralph?
  5. _Sammich_

    Don't hate me because I'm rich...

    I purchased 5x German Premium containers and also managed to get the Immelmann. It's just a shame that I don't play CVs...
  6. _Sammich_

    My new fav: Kiev

    I liked the Kiev,but it's got a high skill ceiling. Taking a captain with the range increase skill is essential as it allows you to sit 12-15km out and start raining shells on BBs and cruisers. 8km torps allow you to stealth fire, and are especially handy for digging DDs out of smoke - I caught quite a lot of them out this way.
  7. _Sammich_

    First impressions: Convoy

    I’m finding it pretty good for grinding tier 8 ships. Have a good game and you can earn 2000 base xp in a battle which generally takes less time than a random game. stack flags and camo and it’s potentially 10-12k xp every ten minutes or so.
  8. I also got the Viribus - I would have liked an Exeter or Genova as crew trainers, but at least it wasn't the Marblehead Lima or Krispy Kreme.
  9. _Sammich_

    10.8 To Do list

    Thanks guys, I've made a edit to reflect this
  10. _Sammich_

    10.8 To Do list

    With the imminent release of 10.8, there's going to be some changes that players need to be aware of, and actions that should be taken prior to the patch Snowflakes are being awarded for ships - Grab your tier 10s as they give a supercontainer as a reward - If you're close to getting a tier 10, make sure you buy it before 10.8 launches. Stack those XP flags or use free XP if you have to. Edit: as others have pointed out, you should be able to buy a tier 10 during the event and still be eligible for a snowflake reward. Vermont - here I come. -If you can avoid it, don't sell tier 8 and above ships as they will still provide Gift Containers Equipment demounts will no longer be free - if you've got ships that you're no longer playing but still have equipment on, make sure you demount the equipment for free now. You can then assign equipment to ships you are playing. This will save you doubloons / credits. Captain re-speccing will no longer be free - If you've got any captains with weird skills, make sure you re-spec or at least reset your captain skills prior to the new patch Dutch Tokens expire - If you've got any Dutch Tokens that you need to redeem, do it now, otherwise tokens will be redeemed for 60k credits each Community Tokens Changes - If you've got enough community tokens for the Katori, tier 5 or tier 7 ship containers and wish to redeem them, do it now as these will be removed That's all that I can think of, if anyone else can think of anything feel free to add.
  11. _Sammich_

    Enjoying The Marblehead...

    Marblehead's also got the best fire chance for all the tier 5 cruisers I believe. So if you have missions that involve setting fires, then play a bit a co-op and spam those HE shells!
  12. _Sammich_

    Two New Codes

    Thanks OP, both codes worked for me just then
  13. _Sammich_

    Russian DD tech tree

    Aerosmith summed up the Kiev quite well with their song "Living on the Edge". I ran the repair module rather than smoke and opened up at the first ship I saw at 14km. Makes for interesting times when all of a sudden your priority target goes to 6, and you've got shells splashing all around you. Played the Ognevoi more as a traditional DD, due to lower concealment and long range torps. More often than not I would just shadow ships and keep them lit so my team could shoot them, as opposed to firing and trying to dodge shots. Gotta say though that the Ognevoi has the complete toolkit - Smoke, Repairs, Engine Boost and DFAA.
  14. Sad to see LWM resign as a CC, the amount of time and effort she put into her reviews really showed the passion she had for the game. Just this month: - Summer crates "miscommunication" regarding permanent camo - Missouri credit income calculations - Missouri going to be available in random boxes, not for outright purchase - Subs dubious introduction and gameplay - Their most respected CC resigns after WG after constant poor treatment Wonder what next week will bring?
  15. _Sammich_

    Izmail a keeper?

    I like the Florida for some reason, but it can't carry compared to the Sinop.