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  1. DaydreamWarrior

    Show the Flag part 3

    Part 3 starts on the 22/08 [RU page for reference] - WG Asia are just so inept they can't even get basic things like dates correct
  2. DaydreamWarrior

    Twitch Stream and Rewards

    Sorry, but talk is cheap. I've heard the exact same thing from each of your predecessors (except HugginKR the mute) over the past 5+ years and nothing in that time has really changed for the better.
  3. DaydreamWarrior

    TIME LIMITED CODE - act fast or be salty *EXPIRED*

    Wargaming (including WG Asia) don't care about this server. Been that way since the closed beta and will probably be that way until the server shuts down.
  4. DaydreamWarrior

    WG staff have no Balls

    "Recent" lol that's funny. even as far back as CBT, there has been little to no care given by WG Asia to the server's community. Sure the were a couple WG Staff that were great to get along with (eg. Conan) and made the forums a fun place to be but sadly they have always been the exception rather than the rule on this server.
  5. DaydreamWarrior

    Winners of Ralph's Christmas crate giveaway and upboat farming thread

    DaydreamWarrior "I will not be salty if my crate is poop"
  6. DaydreamWarrior

    How to deal with unsupportive teammates?

    > How to deal with unsupportive teammates? I recommend alcohol
  7. DaydreamWarrior

    Ranked Sprint 14-3 W/L Rank 1

    The only way to play ranked is while blind drunk
  8. DaydreamWarrior

    Hall of Fame Points

    I'd also suggest reporting it in this thread to make sure it gets seen by WG. Hopefully we can get enough reports together so the WG eventually do something about these players
  9. DaydreamWarrior

    Azure Lane : Nelson on Bridge - Error?

    Didn't even get the mission after clicking the button
  10. Missions usually refresh on Fridays for us so hopefully it will show up tomorrow
  11. DaydreamWarrior


    The skill level on this server is so low that if WG banned all the bots, the average skill level would go down. Not to say that I condone boting but it is entirely understandable why players do it.
  12. DaydreamWarrior

    what's the best way to drive CVs to extinction

    no love for the totality balanced Saipain + AA Kidd + AA MK division?
  13. DaydreamWarrior

    Fix it now! WG ASIA

    I've had this issue before and it's just the browser derping out. Very easy to fix it tho, just clear the Cookies (or if you use Firefox, you can just delete the Cookies for worldofwarships.asia) and that should clear it up
  14. DaydreamWarrior

    I just received 52 days of premium for no reason?

    Just checked and it seems I also received 52 days. just guessing here, but it might be related to WG saying they would credit ANZ WoT players (Ships was never mentioned tho) it back due to the SeaMeWe3 fault edit: found this post over on the WoT forums and the timing seems to matche http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/75609-regional-connectivity-anz/page__st__280__pid__1681376#entry1681376
  15. I suggest bookmaking this for future reference since the devs are using it to post all test info related to GZ https://www.facebook.com/wowsgraf/