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  1. DaydreamWarrior

    Ralphs 6th annual Santa crate giveaway

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!
  2. DaydreamWarrior

    Ralphs 6th annual Santa crate giveaway

  3. DaydreamWarrior

    Puerto Rico Dockyard Construction (All 40 Phases)

    Yes, missions (including rewards) on PTS are placeholders. Again, I highly recommend checking out the DevBlog as it's the single best source for what's happening in future patches
  4. DaydreamWarrior

    Puerto Rico Dockyard Construction (All 40 Phases)

    Missions on PTS are always just place holders and have never been indicative of what will be available once an event goes live. In fact, WG is already one step ahead of you and released the finalised mission list a little over 2 weeks ago in Dev Blog 340.
  5. DaydreamWarrior

    DobbyM8's New Year Giveaway

    DaydreamWarrior-chan board says "Noice one Dobby!"
  6. DaydreamWarrior

    Regarding Santa Crates

    If you still have all things you got from the container you should be able to ask them to do a manual restoration and refund according to the announcement on the EU forums. WG being WG seem to have made the initial announcement before having a clue how to actually do it without a full rollback so support just ran with it
  7. DaydreamWarrior

    free code

    Cheers for the code 🙂 Got a Duke of York out of one of the containers
  8. DaydreamWarrior

    War Gaming Customer Service at its absolute best

    I have to admit, I'm just impressed you got a reply in English and right game straight up - it usually takes me atleast 2 to get a reply I can actually read and isn't a WoT copypasta
  9. DaydreamWarrior

    WG Charity : More Expensive than Puerto Rico

    Bought a watch from battleshiptexas.org with the money I was planning on spending in the Premium Shop & the Charity stream. Sorry but WG and any WG-affiliated events can just sod off because of how badly they've handled the whole PR mess
  10. Yaaaaaaar me Hearties. I'm going to plunder your treasure
  11. DaydreamWarrior

    Show the Flag part 3

    Part 3 starts on the 22/08 [RU page for reference] - WG Asia are just so inept they can't even get basic things like dates correct
  12. DaydreamWarrior

    Twitch Stream and Rewards

    Sorry, but talk is cheap. I've heard the exact same thing from each of your predecessors (except HugginKR the mute) over the past 5+ years and nothing in that time has really changed for the better.
  13. DaydreamWarrior

    TIME LIMITED CODE - act fast or be salty *EXPIRED*

    Wargaming (including WG Asia) don't care about this server. Been that way since the closed beta and will probably be that way until the server shuts down.
  14. DaydreamWarrior

    WG staff have no Balls

    "Recent" lol that's funny. even as far back as CBT, there has been little to no care given by WG Asia to the server's community. Sure the were a couple WG Staff that were great to get along with (eg. Conan) and made the forums a fun place to be but sadly they have always been the exception rather than the rule on this server.
  15. DaydreamWarrior

    Winners of Ralph's Christmas crate giveaway and upboat farming thread

    DaydreamWarrior "I will not be salty if my crate is poop"