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  1. sugcheong

    khaba need buff

    in asia there isnt any di ck head like us,eu
  2. sugcheong

    khaba need buff

    khaba is now worse then ever. rudder is 11.1sec. gun range is 13.4km (when fix new modul. rudder is stuck max speed is 8.9sec) even torp is 6km. how to use it? u think khaba stay island? i dont know how to use khada. now grozovoi is mush better
  3. sugcheong

    new anti radar smoke

    radar is op increase dd hp 2times or not effect when in smoke if u dont like it [content removed] Derogatory. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  4. for example, midway's Detectability Range by Sea is 18.4 but hakuryu is 15.4 both are the same cv why they too much different even japan cv are much fast to ready us cv's fighter squadron is too little only 1 until 9tier we need 202 in ranger and 212 or 203 in Lexington 1 fighter squadron isn't fair against Japan, Saipan, enterprise
  5. sugcheong

    Pan Asia Flag poll

    [content removed] get back original flag Derogatory. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  6. sugcheong

    월드 오브 워쉽 버닝존 참가 신청

  7. these days games are played totally bad. battleships have thick armor, heavy gun it's mean battleship must go in a front line tank team and shot. but now battleships don't go front line. they just run away then which ship go in front? "cruiser" because they have a short range gun there are 3ways to solve this problem 1.nerf battleships gun range(about 10km) 2.nerf battleships gun shell speed (try to shot in close range) 3.buff cruiser armor like a battleship (because they do what battleship do) if not battleships keep runaway and games become worse