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  1. Grimnar42

    So sick of OP Wiemar

    There are times in life you just got to suck it up and deal with it. This is one.
  2. Grimnar42

    Captain Training is Rigged.

    This is just 1 of many little ..."taxs" you have to pay. There are heaps of them when you go looking. Like my pet peeve why don't premium ships generate free XP instead of normal xp which you got to pay to convert. Cultivate patience spend wisely and try to have fun.
  3. Grimnar42

    Pan Asian Tokens

    Portal tokens right ... wtf are portal tokens so many different tokens hard to keep track of them
  4. Grimnar42

    Pan Asian Tokens

    I read somewhere I can't find back now that your left over Pan Asian tokens get credited back as community tokens can someone confirm that ? And what is the exchange rate 1 pa token for 1 Community ?
  5. Grimnar42

    Right, IT'S ON!

    oh ok crazy time then
  6. Grimnar42

    Right, IT'S ON!

    What's on ?
  7. Grimnar42

    Another CHAOS just happened.

    I think it was a lot more than one simple thing and it's been brewing for years the LWM thing well that was the match that lit the fuse. Look a company is wheels within wheels a lot of people in the pyramid and yeah sure upper management has to take responsibility apologise and make amends but I would hate to be on the top of this pile of dog doo doo trying to work out why their customers storming down the road with firebrands and pitchforks. The CC's might have left the program but they are still having a huge impact on the game.
  8. Grimnar42

    Another CHAOS just happened.

    OK so I will try to explain my point of view and why I don't think you can really not use a logical approach. 1: The peasant's are rebelling that's the player base 2: Senior management right at the top were probably not even aware of the problems brewing but obviously now are saying WTF is going on 3: Middle Management are scrambling trying to put out the bushfire with petrol and looking for anyone but themselves to blame. Add into this the multitude of ego's and personality's each pushing their own agenda and trying to cover their own backside on top of that I would say there are people involved we wouldn't even know about. Just too many unknown's and variable's too make any sort of sense of why and what is happening suffice it to say I bet the top brass are seriously pissed off it got to this point.
  9. Grimnar42

    Another CHAOS just happened.

    Exactly there is where you are going wrong you cant use logic in illogical situations. Mr Spock you ain't
  10. Grimnar42

    Another CHAOS just happened.

    OH FFS WG is sounding more and more like a bloody kindergarden. Somebody needs to take a bat to their collective heads and tell them to sort their shit out.
  11. Grimnar42


    And the operation cap is sailing along outside the boundary .........forgot which one
  12. Grimnar42

    tightening the money belt

    What you all have to keep in mind is it is a free to play game which also needs income to pay for servers new content people's wages etc. I am in no way supporting their monetization tactics but they do need an income stream or the game will just die. Support the game to keep it alive but don't spend more than you can afford even if just a premium account on weekends and choose wisely what you spend your money on.
  13. Yeah but is it only the one reset ? I dont see why it can't be reset every round failing that once a month or 6 months not every 3 or 4 years
  14. Grimnar42

    Oh yeah

    Is there no end to it
  15. Kinda like listening to politicians isn't it