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  1. I dont think it's random at all my opinion there is some formula ratio they implement designed to frustrate you into buying containers. In the Motherland one I got 4 fairly quick then the next 25 were all duplicates with a fair number of nothing drops as well. Bought 5 premium containers 4 duplicates. No more random containers no more a "chance" containers for me. I mean 25 duplicates in a row how rng is that.
  2. Totally agree like premium containers with a "chance" to get a mission for a premium ship or super containers that drop nothing better than a bunch of camo's. Think my chances of a date with Dasha are better than getting something decent out of a container.
  3. Grimnar42

    Alaska XP Missions Gone

    Yeah its there when you buy it but he is right there is no mention of an expiry date in the missions screen. IMO there should be no expiry on something you pay for. But it's another scam after all what good is the extra experience if you have to spend doubloons (real money) to convert it to free xp.
  4. Grimnar42


    That'd be right .... why do I bother
  5. Grimnar42

    Your priorities are horrible, WG

    Hell no
  6. Grimnar42

    Your priorities are horrible, WG

    I think their priorities are making money. As long as it keeps ticking over with promises to fix things keeps older players engaged. Mind you I reckon over 50% of my clan member's haven't played in over a month and some in over 3 months. Going by my little slice of the WG world the game has a poor retention rate at the moment.
  7. Grimnar42


    Has the service of the Motherland thing stopped ? I need 2 more items to complete my collection but not seen anything in container drops for a few days now.
  8. Grimnar42


    Has the service of the Motherland thing stopped ? I need 2 more items to complete my collection but not seen anything in container drops for a few days now.
  9. Grimnar42

    Best Premium containers

    Definitely IMO the Christmas Containers. Saving my penny's for this year.
  10. Grimnar42

    I hate myself

    Yep Pretty much. If I wanted to play a fast paced fps there are plenty of other games out there. The slower style of wows was one of the original attractions to me that and the historical perspective. I would rather see them spend time to optimize the software upwards of 80% gpu usage on a gtx 1070 just in port ?? Or how about some more nations they can pump out the premium's so quick ??
  11. Try using a vertical mouse there's a few different types around and wildly varying prices. Weird to use at first but you get used to it. I use an M618 deluxe cheap Chinese one but it does the job or Ankar do one is well
  12. Grimnar42

    Are these ships worth it?

    If your a collector get them if your competitive they aint gunna turn you into a ace player.
  13. Grimnar42

    De Grasse

    I quite like De Grasse usually do fairly well with it
  14. Grimnar42

    WG is denying lower tiers?

    its alright did it for u
  15. Grimnar42

    WG is denying lower tiers?

    But not for everyone. I tend to agree with Zoup I have noticed the last 6 months or so what feels to me like a marketing push for players to get tier 9 and 10 ships. Especially newer players. Other aspects also feel like a push for sales loot boxes in particular with the "chance to get a premium ship". I hope they don't price themselves out of a market as I love the game but paying upwards of $100 aud for a ship is hard to justify. Remember when super containers came in and if you got one it was woohoo now its woopy do some flags or 24 hours premium.