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  1. Grimnar42

    Which ROUTE to choose?

  2. Grimnar42

    New Code

    They also dropped swapping upgrade's for free with premium Battle Pass it's back to 25 dubloons. Reward for effort is getting pathetic.
  3. Grimnar42

    Dockyard missions

    It's not only the amount of time required to complete missions the rewards are often not worth the effort. Also some of them are ridiculous stupid amount of spotting damage stupid amount of potential damage. These are conditions largely out of the players control and in my opinion should not be a mission. No point spotting if team mates don't fire at the target. Potential damage either you don't get targeted or you have to put yourself in a position the whole enemy team fires at you and you exit to port right quick. Not to mention the pay for combat missions to get tokens to earn some pathetic reward. Super containers used to be a highlight now it's just sad.
  4. Grimnar42

    Missing commander drop?

    Me neither
  5. Grimnar42

    Brisbane Campaign

    Your not the only one
  6. Ok here the story everything pretty much stacks right bonus from premium bonus from economic package clan bonus etc all add up nothing cancels something else out right. So your Daily win bonus is +50% reading the perks of the Battle Pass it says Daily win bonus +100 % so I though yeah anything cuts down on the grind has to be a good thing Right. So I bought the Battle pass expecting the daily win bonus would be +150 % but no its +100% the battle pass cancelling out the standard bonus. Now here's the thing the other things like steal and coal are +5 % which do stack. So is there something somewhere I didn't read am I expecting to much. Opinions ?
  7. Grimnar42

    Hand it over Dan

    And none of them superships way to go Dan ....... IMO superships shouldn't count
  8. Grimnar42

    ASLAIN Mods that I cannot find again

    Game updates will frequently mess with mods. Check Aslains modsite for the latest. https://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/2020-download-★-world-of-warships-★-modpack/
  9. Grimnar42

    Christmas/New Year's Patch Drops

    60 Megas ??? I need to buy shares in wargaming between you and Max I'll be set to retire
  10. Grimnar42


    3 times tonight and twice last night
  11. Grimnar42

    Submarine Tokens Personal Challenge

    Well don't that just suck
  12. My total of tokens doesn't seem to be increasing even though I have completed a number of challenges. Should have got over 300 tonight alone. Anyone else notice this ?
  13. Grimnar42

    WTF with me

    Think of it as a cheap and easy way to fill out those spotted missions
  14. Grimnar42

    Operations Return

    Hey Max not bad for a cruiser hey. So far liking new operations