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  1. Anybody else finding their prices getting over the top. Thats a lot of coal and over 100 aud in the shop. I love the game but this is getting out of hand.
  2. I got 5 duplicates in a row from different crates. Not much help. Think they want you to buy the fancy crates but even then some are random.
  3. Grimnar42

    torpedo boats

    Huh I never noticed that shame on me .... and I think it's misspelt one word
  4. Grimnar42

    Have you got your T-61?

    you got that right
  5. Grimnar42

    Have you got your T-61?

    Yeah me too
  6. Grimnar42

    Has anyone received the bonus doubloon?

    Ahhhh sarcasm yeah very funny
  7. Grimnar42

    Has anyone received the bonus doubloon?

    I always get an emailed receipt with date and time I usually pay with paypal. But still waiting for the dubloon bonus to show up.
  8. Grimnar42

    Has anyone received the bonus doubloon?

    You should have got an email with date and time of purchase.
  9. Grimnar42

    Has anyone received the bonus doubloon?

    I am still waiting
  10. You could limit them maybe 1 per nation or 1 per nation ship line for example US line has 4 (at the moment) so max 4 premium captains to experiment with. Also I dont think captain trainers is the major reason people buy premium ships.
  11. Couple of Ideas here 1: A premium captain similar to premium ships who can be assigned to different ships without penalty and who can change skill sets for free ( rather like permanent camo). This would help players work out their best skills for a ships permanent captain as well as being able to change skill sets for rank or clan battles as often these would be different to random. 2: The experience boost x%200 that comes with premium ships as a personnel challenge would be a greater incentive if it was x%200 free experience. After all a player has already paid for the ship why also pay for converting experience it generates to free xp. 3: Public tests seem to always coincide with some event on the general server and where I would like to check things out and help with development of the game I only have so much time to play the game is there anything can be done about making it more attractive to play Public test.
  12. Grimnar42

    Has anyone received the bonus doubloon?

    Me neither
  13. I just wish they would reset the rewards or at least some of them on each rotation. Besides the fun factor of blowing stuff up not much incentive to continue playing scenarios.
  14. Grimnar42

    Aigle mission part 19

    Ok so how exactly is base xp calculated. XP earned before any modifiers obviously but is that what shows as XP earned in your after battle stats.
  15. Grimnar42

    Aigle mission part 19

    I have earned over 1750 base xp and won the battle twice now once with a French ship and yet I am not credited with the mission. Anybody else get this ?