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  1. Grimnar42

    What the hell is this collab?

    Yeah ....
  2. Grimnar42

    steel bundles for the Odin

    If you had bought Odin via Dubloons in the beginning every build token you get could be exchanged for steel if you earn Odin via all the directives you only get steel for the ones completed with the dubloons. If you have it now it means you bought some with dubloons if you go into the dock and have a look if any more steel is available for you it will be near the bottom of the screen.
  3. Grimnar42

    Fine, I will regrind Harugumo again.

    Just how much free xp do you need to regrind a line. I am not real keen on doing it but looks like it may be the only way to get some stuff I am Interested in.
  4. Grimnar42

    Warhammer 40K Bundle is on EU Store

    So what's in the containers ??
  5. We did that here also was kind of spooky hearing the last post from around the area like echos from the past. Be good if WG released a Kiwi ship soon with their emblem on a flag or at least do the Kiwi special flag next year. We got enough of the goofy flags no one ever uses. Actually surprising they got permission to use the ANZAC symbol's.
  6. I never actually thought abut it before but do the Kiwi's also celebrate ANZAC day ? What is their symbol ?
  7. Grimnar42

    Server overload

    As the title says anyone getting this server overload message ? Never had that before ?
  8. Grimnar42

    CV's in lower tiers

    Been playing lower tiers lately for the "fun" of it and to get away from the grind but since when has 3 cv a game been a thing. How is that fun being focused by 3 cv you spend the whole battle especially in a bb dodging torps from what seems a crap load of planes. You cant dodge them all and you cant get your guns trained on anything to fire at.
  9. Grimnar42

    Smalland for 2,000,0000 Free Exp WHY!!!!!

    They are testing the waters to see just how much people will pay. If this one sells enough next fxp ship will be 2.5 mil next after that will be higher its just how much the market will accept before people say no.
  10. Grimnar42

    Transfer from Laptop to PC

    how u going with that
  11. Grimnar42

    Transfer from Laptop to PC

    I got some time off work if your still having problems pm me maybe I can walk you thru some trouble shooting.
  12. Grimnar42

    Rental Perth for Australia Day

    What ??
  13. Grimnar42

    Rental Perth for Australia Day

    One day mate just one day. Considering a big chunk of my country is burnt to a crisp what would have really impressed me is if they had donated the proceeds of sales of the Perth over say the next 3 days to a bushfire appeal here in Australia.
  14. Well gee WG thanks loads for the Rental Perth for Australia Day I am being sarcastic here. Dont want to break any forum rules but WTF Look we get it ok Chinese New Year is a big thing we're not stupid. We know Australia is a small market in comparison but a Rental Perth is pathetic. I would guess pretty much every Australian player already has Perth for starters. It's an important day to us a bit of thought would be appreciated if you can't do better than a rental Perth then don't bother at all.
  15. Grimnar42

    Free XP Boat

    Half a Million ?? you sure sounds a bit cheap for WG