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  1. Grimnar42

    Steel Monsters

    Im mostly concerned with where this is going rather than what you can get. Paying for access to a campaign, we already pay more for a single high tier premium ship than a lot of complete games cost. I understand they have to make money to stay viable but this is really getting over the top. Look at the double dipping on premium ships you pay for modules with credits as well as needing dubloons to convert the "XP" earned by the ship into free XP so you can actually use it. So now a campaign you pay for with a time limit. At least remove the time limit some of us do work our free time is limited.
  2. Grimnar42

    Steel Monsters

    So we are paying for access to a campaign now hmmmmm not sure about that. What do you guys think
  3. Grimnar42

    Permanent discount?

    One of the port upgrades is what gives you the discount more it gets upgraded bigger the discount. Even if you dont play the clan battles it's worth it to be in one.
  4. Dont forget now each one is also 10 oil 😀
  5. Grimnar42

    Premium Shop basket

    Basically what it says how about a basket so if I want to buy more than one item don't have to go through it multiple times. Would be especially handy if say you could buy gifts for multiple clan mates and do the whole transaction just once.
  6. Grimnar42

    Gift not Received

    You have to log on to the website portal and go to your account I think
  7. If your in windows 10 just disable auto driver updates just google how to do it and update your graphics driver direct from nvidia once every 6 months or so.
  8. Grimnar42

    New bonus code. HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    Thank You Very Much Sand Shoe Hairy Crutch Rhyming slang like Dog and Bone = Phone
  9. Grimnar42

    Is it worth to spend $3.5 for cossack?

    You may as well get it Guineas will be converted to credits at the end. Its a fun ship to play even in coop
  10. Grimnar42

    WV Captain Dusty Rodes

    Hey another premium USN battleship what's not to like. Seriously though how about some more Commonwealth, Pan-Asian and Pan-American ships perhaps a few more Polish ships ole Blys is pretty lonely .... French DD line Italian's
  11. Grimnar42

    What the actual frollop?

    Gives you same experience as in Random battles. Keep an eye on everyone.
  12. Grimnar42


    Hmmm for some reason the mission is not showing in game ??? Yes did all the enter code stuff.
  13. Grimnar42

    What one thing you wanna add to wows or change

    One thing ........ ok all xp earnt by premium ships should be free xp.
  14. Grimnar42

    Stupid question but...

    Channel the OCDness into something not going to overload the brain. For example max out 1 line. Pick a line and max everything on it. Say USN destroyer's get them all and max everything captains camo the lot that should keep you busy for a year or so.