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    I've been playing it for the last month or so. So far, not bad. Needs more than 1 game mode though, as Conquest seems a bit lost on me. I've heard there were / are other game modes but that was before patch 1.9. Loving the Meteor at tier 7 (with the right pilot skills + modules). British (Spitfire line) and Japanese fighter aircraft can pretty much out-turn everything. Multirole aircraft lines do okay and heavy fighters are great for BnZ (boom and zoom) tactics, especially the P-38. No bomber aircraft so far but they've said it may be there soon. Favourite plane for me at the moment would be the Meteor.
  2. Ah yes we do? There's actually two problems - the cable break near HK but also another cable break between Perth & Singapore (likely to be in the same area like last time - anywhere between the western reaches of the Sunda Strait and where that meets the Java Sea). This is where I got my information: Sea-Me-We 3 cable break between Perth & Singapore - Vocus So we do have a problem. Don't go and make misleading statements without evidence first.
  3. new zealand is already in april (aka 1:08am), and it's 11:08pm here on the australian east coast and it hasn't happened. WG sure have dropped the ball with patch 6.3.
  4. Not sure. At this rate if nothing is done to fix it by 5pm CET, might as well not bother playing this weekend until the game is fixed. I sure hope I get a refund or some extra premium time for this.
  5. 3clips3

    Perth - Singapore cable cut again

    It's always this time of year it happens. I remember I had posted about it a long time ago: http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/9616-aus-notice-connection-issues-for-australian-players/ I remember the last times it had happened, earlier this year (around late Feb / early March) and in October last year. I would not be surprised that it'll be weeks if not a month or two till the ISPs actually do something and dispatch the cable repair ship. http://status.vocus.com.au/view-incident.aspx?IncidentID=217
  6. 3clips3

    Perth - Singapore cable cut again

    Continuing on from this thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/9616-aus-notice-connection-issues-for-australian-players/ So it's happened again. So far, Internode believes it's a fault. Vocus confirms that it has been cut. http://advisories.internode.on.net/item/15630/ Having played this game and other WG games (specifically, WoT) for a while, it is usually around this time of year that the cable gets severed or damaged. at least I'm glad there's an ISP that actually mentions these issues.. I check the iinet service status pages and also telstra and nothing comes up. (EDIT @ 23:38, 17/12/16 - it has been confirmed via Vocus that the cable has been cut, cable repair ship ASEAN Explorer due to have repairs done between 8 - 12 Jan 17) http://status.vocus.com.au/view-incident.aspx?IncidentID=217 iinet support: https://www.iinet.net.au/status/5059933
  7. 3clips3

    Missing Consumables post-5.15 patch

    I guess so. If this is the case then, I guess this thread can be closed. Sorry for the confusion.
  8. 3clips3

    Missing Consumables post-5.15 patch

    turns out the wording of the patch was quite vague. Basically all service levels above Level 9 got bumped up and Service Level 8 got 2 million in credits. So that's the only thing we got so far.
  9. Description: After downloading and installing the new 5.15 patch, logged into the game, noticed I had received a large bundle of premium consumables after reaching Service Level 13. Checked out all of the new destroyers. Was about to play a game, thought to maybe change my consumables from the regular version to premium version. But I noticed that, none of the new amounts of premium consumables were not credited and any premium consumables I had before this patch had gone missing. Reproduction steps: 1. Select any ship 2. Click on Modules 3. Click on Consumables tab 4. Pick a consumable to replace, either from regular / non-premium consumable to premium consumable. Result Many premium consumables missing, not showing amounts available of said premium consumables Expected Result Should be able to see the amount of premium consumables available. Technical Details Bug time: 11:10am (basically when I had logged in after installing patch) Replay not available (I do not know how to enable replays) EDIT: Python log files attached (python.log and python_1.log ~ python.log is dated 1/12/16, python_1.log is dated 27/11/16) 1st Image: shows amount of received premium consumables upon receiving Service Level 13 2nd Image: Available amount of Damage Control Party II not showing, shows as none available 3rd Image: Does show supposed available amount of Smoke Generator II and Torpedo Reload Booster II but amount available not updated python_logs.zip
  10. Short Summary: in-game battle interface disappearing, unable to fire guns or determine turn or map Screenshot: (note image is large) http://imgur.com/9h9xXU5 Ship: Minekaze Map: New Dawn Occurences: Randomly Tested: Can not force error but does re-occur intermittently Severity: Low / Mid- visual error and unable to interact with interface Full summary: So I queued for a Ranked match. As soon as the match on New Dawn started, my in-game battle user interface began disappearing (as if I had pressed ctrl-G, in which I had not). It flashed quite intermittently but the only part of the gui (game user interface) that stayed was the torpedo arc. I could not see the map, or the any of the ships's course or speed indicators, any of the main battery loading indicators or the targeting sights.
  11. another possible cable cut ( I think, just going off of in-game experience) Have been getting packet loss of about 10 - 15% in the last 6 hours with my ping has been bouncing between 105 and 255 , was fine at 10am (AEST) today. Note: None of the ISP's seem to have noticed yet... (and yes, I noticed that my local DSLAM exchange is having faults as well...)
  12. actually no got penned multiple times against Amagi, then a north carolina, an Iowa..... with hull directly pointed at them. well I don't have the luxury of that seriously though, this ship does not deserve to be tier 9, more likely to be at tier 8
  13. 3clips3

    izumo... why?

    I concur. This ship is nothing more than a mere credit-xp-realcurrencytobuydoubloonstofreexp sink. Practically no armor at all, it's deck armor is as thin as a sheet of paper and there's nothing protecting the main citadel areas so it's literally a floating coffin. Even with all upgrades and modifications, excessive angling, constant speed changes, keeping an average distance of 12 - 15km and sailing with allies, in the last 10 matches I've played, I've never gotten a kill at all in my Izumo. AT ALL. Maybe in 44 matches (which happens to be all of the games I have played in the Izumo), 7 kills (no seriously). I just want to sell it off now and just free xp it all the way to the yamato. But then again, free xp = money needed to get enough doubloons (10,000 to be exact = roughly $67) to free xp it. I'd rate this much more worse than the Kawachi at tier 3. You can't compete when the main competitor to you, the Iowa supersedes your range and actual armor by far.
  14. I've tried the angling tactic and that still doesn't do much. For me, it seems the enemy's shells always make it through the deck armor or even the angled hull armor, even if I'm either going at 1/2 or full speed. I've lost 70% of all matches in this ship, even fully upgraded it still isn't good. It's barely playable. The only good thing about this ship is it's AA defense, but then again not every tier IX / X match has a carrier so... it ends up being worthless. I just don't know with this ship, it seems like a lost hope and more about getting people grinding to the Yamato to spend $$ to get doubloons to free XP it to the almighty Yamato.
  15. Apparently the cable has finally been fixed, 1month after it went down. Post here if you've had any changes.