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  1. PopEye2013

    is it against the rules to shoot a pink player?

    [content removed], go play cruckit. ekk, bwahahaha Derogatory. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  2. PopEye2013

    Sea Mines! (Trap Island Map)

    are we talking Mine Layers? that would be awsome, one Mine Layer per team, available in a higher tier...
  3. PopEye2013

    Regarding team killers

    accidental or not, a lot of members do kick ones ass if you tk someone, i have been pink myself and did a boohoo in the gd sayin "it was an accident" but no one sympathises with ya, at the moment i am a yellow color, i guess its a step by step thing...oh well, back to the bridge i go, later me hearty`s... *while i was in the pink, i kept away from other players in case i "accidently" put a shell in one of them...just a thought.
  4. PopEye2013

    How to record battles?

    I think that Bandi cam has a voice recording software with it, but only works if you purchase it...
  5. PopEye2013

    Team Hits penalty...

    huh??? who mentioned " 2 - 5 minutes"? i think youre in the wrong room mate...and icy_p, " holding down the fire button", hmmm, are you certain its not you that does that, mate???because i certainly DON`T!, cheers...
  6. PopEye2013

    Team Hits penalty...

    ok, thanks to you guys for your very interesting comments, i agree with some of the comments except icy_p, lately i have been useing the cruiser, Atlanta, which has a really quick reload time, so on most targets i keep in scope, with a press of the left mouse to bring out of scope for a quick scan of the area, i await more comments, ma matey`ssss
  7. Orrrr, what about MINELAYERS...nah jks...
  8. PopEye2013

    Team Hits penalty...

    I would juz like to ask if the rule about hitting players in your team could be appealed against, sometimes team players come across the opposite side of an enemy ship you`re shooting at and your salvo is already gone, (especially when they come from behind an island) but a couple of shells hit your team mate by accident, I`ve played a number games today and I have accidently shelled 2 team mates while I was in telescopic mode, anyone else have the same issue? I would appreciate any comments, thankin yowz me shipmates, cheersssss...
  9. PopEye2013

    purchasing issues...

    here`s the copy of receipt from my email: Dear PopEye2013! Thank you for your purchase in the Wargaming.net Premium Shop. The items you purchased have been transferred to the account PopEye2013 and are available in the game. Purchase information: Bundle you purchased: "Premium account: 30 days" Bundle cost: 14.44 AUD Order number: ad421488xxxxxxxxxxxxxx7374f1c Transaction ID: 3U4876717E111444M Payment method: Paypal e-wallet Date and time of purchase: 2016-11-13 16:32:06 UTC Best regards, Wargaming.net Premium Shop Teamhttps://asia.wargaming.net/shop/ not concerned anymore, i cancelled the transaction...
  10. PopEye2013

    purchasing issues...

    i purchased 3000 dubloons and a 30 day premium account through the paypal option last week, but to this day i am yet to see it in my profile, it should of been in there by now, does anyone know what else i could do, thanks...
  11. PopEye2013

    Ship stuck in battle

    try logging out, then log back in again, should fix it, gl
  12. PopEye2013

    murmanks gun range.

    very interesting, did you source that or was it just a guess, good comment but...
  13. PopEye2013

    Ship lost in time and space

    very interesting, i`ll try your guys fixes, tq