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  1. CarbonMonoxide

    Will doubloons expire?

    (I'm not sure if it's correct to post here) Will doubloons expire? cuz I got some doubloons from super container some days eariler now I can at most buy a yubari (I like IJN CL) I wonder if doubloons will expire if so, then I better buy one before the doubloons vanish if not, I may wait for another IJN CL that I like more, cuz the yubari seems so bad by the way, is the yubari worth buying?
  2. CarbonMonoxide


    as an IJN DD captain, I like this change I think the smoke camping strategy is just unhealthy for the game Firstly, Belfast is OP using this strategy. This change can nerf it Besides Belfast, currently the majority of DD and CL are using the smoke camping strategy but I think it's just not healthy Naval battle is supposed to be keep on moving and firing like a fleet but nowadays, DD and CL(especially RN CL) are like - when there's smoke, do damage; there's no smoke, wait for smoke such tactic is not fun for both the camper and the receiver But it's obviously that the nerf on smoke will make RN CL and USN DD dead so WG should buff them another way to encourage some other healthy tactics
  3. CarbonMonoxide

    World of Warships – Pay to win? 

    I think your logic is wrong after reading your words, you seems to believe that WoWS is a business and WG needs to earn money, so giving paid players advantages has no problem, it's just a part of the business According to such logic, it's fine for every game to be PayToWin which is generally considered as bad for any game ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Why PayToWin hurts the game? even if you think you should pay to support the company, most people won't spend/ spend only a little money on the game that is a natural phenomenon PayToWin will make the players who don't play dissatisfied then it is good?NO cuz it will bring 2 problems a. some players rage quit consequence: reducing in player base, and lacking of player makes the game bored b. some players pay and join the superiors consequence: everybody plays the OP ships, thus harms the diversity of the game and makes the game odd As a result, PayToWin is harmful to a game (not just harmful to player who don't play, but also WG) 2. Is the current premium ships OP? LordTyphoon you mentioned some of the down sides of the so called OP ships but every single ship has pros and cons, having cons doesn't mean one ship is not OP we should look at the overall performance and compare it to their counterparts ** Here I'll use some stats as evidence, as statistics can show the real performance of one ship without taking player skill into account Why it eliminates the factor of player skill?? Because of the huge number of records, which includes roughly the same number of good players and bad players. Also note that player base of premium ships is not mainly consist of experts, many premium players didn't grind but pay, which means they generally have lower skill ** a. Belfast Belfast is similar to the Fiji, but Belfast gets HE anyone who played UK CL knows that having no HE is a big disadvantage for them so it means Belfast(premium t7 UK CL) has obvious advantage against the free tier 7 UK CL but that's just a theory, so now look at the statistics https://imgur.com/tD3dRDk ( sorry the forum didn't let me post the image here ) Belfast is the most popular t7 CA/CL, but she's a premium ship, problem mentioned in 1b already took place Belfast is the top in win rate, average damage, exp, K/D, ship kill, surival %, main battery hit ratio Belfast almost wins in every aspect, isn't that already an solid prove of PayToWin?? b. Saipan Belfast is not an exceptional case, there's more Saipan is a good example she is tier 7, but she has tier 9 fighters, which is superior to their counterparts in HP, damage, speed only thing that can stop her fighter is dogfight expert ( a captain skill ) but recently patch let her escape from any dogfight without any cost ( while the others have to lost 1 plane as cost ) Moreover, Saipan has very strong DB squadrons so currently none of the tier 7 CV(except Saipan itself) can stand against Saipan Only theory right? So it's time to support it with stats https://imgur.com/Icp0dDU (can't post the image again) Saipan is top in win rate(this time it exceeds 60%, even noobs should notice a serious problem here), average exp, K/D, plane kill(which shows Saipan's superiority against other CV), survival % Also note that the top average damage in tier 7 is conquered by another premium CV, Kaga Here we can obviously see how OP the premium ships are 3. How do WG earn money without making WoWS PayToWin? Simple, WG has long adopted the policy of PayToProgress which means paying makes us easier to progress(eg.retrain captain, port space, free exp) that is the correct way to earn money it doesn't harm the game balance, and has been adopted for long time without having any problem but for some reason WG has get off track recently ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In conclusion, WG is now making WoWS more and more a PayToWin game This will generate a lot of money for WG but that makes the game unsustainable If it continues, this game will gradually fall (WT will be happy then) WG should take measures as soon as possible to reduce and ultimately eliminate the in-match advantage of premium players
  4. CarbonMonoxide


    看來你不知道飛機探魚雷的原理 飛機要剛好繞到魚雷附近才會發現魚雷 要是飛機剛好看不見, 魚雷還是要到1km左右才會被發現 至於功效會否疊加, 我就不清楚了
  5. CarbonMonoxide

    Meaning of IJN DD

    Recently we got the newport defense and operation aegis but I found that torpedo boats are quite useless in both of them so I wonder if the existence of IJN DD in the team actually benefits the team the support provided to the team by an IJN DD is usually less than that of other DDs(except USSR DD) so the only outstanding point should be torpedo but torpedo seldom hits so what I feel is that the existence of IJN DD in the team is already a burden unless its captain is a torpedo master in this way IJN DD seems quite useless to the team is that real?
  6. But the population used to be balanced, why are they so imbalanced now? the answer is simple, the game now favours the BBs BB's threats in the pass: CV, DD Now? CVs are unplayable, DDs have got massive nerfs BB's threats nowadays: Nothing As a main DD&BB player, I have noticed that it's now difficult to take out BB by DD and it's easy to encounter DD in a BB People prefer the class that is easiest to play which is now BB What WG should do is buff CV and DD then BB population will shrink
  7. CarbonMonoxide

    Akatsuki defeats Fiji?!

    haha but fortunately the fiji was burnt to death someone noticed the leander it was great to sink that leander from full HP but in fact, it's just a 16000damage torpedo hit + 6000flooding + 5000HE followed up It was no surprise when it's that close, cuz you can just torp it take out a full HP Atlanta at 3km on a DD without using torpedo would be great Yea I'm so high It would be great if I had the replay I think I should create replays then
  8. CarbonMonoxide

    Akatsuki defeats Fiji?!

    Last match I sank a Fiji by myself without any any teammates supporting at all (cuz they've all died) It was just too glorious to defeat a Fiji with an Akatsuki So I decided to share it here that Fiji wasn't damaged much, spotted me at 5km then I hide behind a little island and angle myself to prepare for the fight the fiji appeared again at 5.4km I ran and made it 6km then it began Me:Fire->Dodge->Angle->Fire->Dodge->Angle->Fire->... I dodged almost all the shells and burnt that Fiji alive I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the fiji sinking unfortunately I didn't record it...
  9. CarbonMonoxide

    A much needed conversation about IJN DDs

    as a IJN DD player, I begin to feel like I'm not contributing anything to the team when I'm in a German BB I would have casually dealt 50000 damage or defend an entire line alone when I'm in a USSR DD I can annoy the enemy and slow down their advance but in an IJN DD, I can't deal significant damage which can change the whole situation I can't help advancing, cuz torp can't hit retreating enemies I can't help when two teams is confronting, cuz ppl are circling in this situation hitting circling enemies mainly depends on luck I can't help when the enemy is advancing, cuz DD/CA/CL are usually in the front, and I can't open fire in front of them I can't cap unless enemy abandon the cap or my team wins the cap what I can do is scouting, providing smoke for allies, and cap but USSR and US DD can also do it, and do it even better I wonder what is the meaning for the existence of IJN DD I don't know what strategical value IJN DD has
  10. CarbonMonoxide

    a way of landing torpedo hits better

    quite an interesting point I wonder if there's any experiments or statistics about this strategy but as a IJN DD player I really agree that teammates attention affects a lot in DD torpedo's hit rate there're countless times that an air strike or teammates' fire drive away my target from my prediction currently this strategy won't work as teammates seldom trust each other but it may work when more people know this with higher awareness, people can work intellegently just like how they evade our torpedoes around the island If we spread this idea throughout the forum, it'll come true but hopefully, losing enemy's attention won't become a well-known sign of incoming torpedo
  11. CarbonMonoxide

    Why I keep crashing?

    new drivers for Windows 7 x64 is it something included when I upgrade to Windows 7 x64? so I just need to upgrade it or do I need to get the driver additionally?
  12. CarbonMonoxide

    how to play stock Hatsuharu?

    What I mean was that the less intelligent enemy BBs stay behind their CAs and I can't torp them I tried hugging islands but the enemy BB seldom pass the islands and they often avoid passing island until there's sufficient support even when they do pass, they are so smart that they always keep some distance away from the island so that I can't torp him so when I pop out the island there's enough time for the BB to give me a big salvo and turn away casually and even if he doesn't turn away, I will definitely receive huge damage since it takes >10s to get close enough to launch a deadly salvo but when I charge in close enough to shoot my guns, the enemy will be able to deal severe damage on me not only the CAs rain shells on me, the BB(especially the German ones) are also eager to sink me Once I got spotted by a fubuki and an enemy Scharnhorst(>10km away) immediately take me 50% of my HP the next minute the fubuki spotted me once again and the next second the Scharn takes my other half I feel so bad when I find my DD stands no chance against BB
  13. CarbonMonoxide

    how to play stock Hatsuharu?

    6km torpedo 6.7km detection range 9.3km gun I don't know how to play this at all I'm used to the old hatsuharu with 8km 67kn torpedo but now the captain is on akitsuki and the stock torpedo is only 6km I find myself hardly contributing to the team now I only do spotting, poping smoke for the allies, or just scaring away the enemy with smoke I can hardly deal any damage if I fire at <9.3km, the CA and BB, especially some scharnhorst, can sink me within 2 salvo if I torp at <6km, I'm simply dead All BBs in the front which I can engage, are so smart that they will turn and give you big hits if you engage them they will even stay some distance from the corners that I can't strike them at the corners While the noob BBs are all staying behind the CAs that I can't survive if I get spotted near them can somebody teach me how to CQC the BB with torpedo? or tell me how to make use of the stock hatsu? I'm not going to skip it with free exp as I would better save them for the harder grind and I believe there should be something to learn in the stock hatsu
  14. WG的立場就是不能接受高效率的長程雷 雷要長,就得放棄命中率 可是WG就是不會砍美DD的高效率長程雷 才弄得日DD失去優勢 現在WG想buff日DD主炮 可是要是真的buff了美DD便沒地位,結果現在日DD還是一團糟 另一個我想到的可行特色的隱蔽 把日本酸素魚雷設為不可被飛機偵察 這該不會使日DD太OP,只是事前必須先修好CV生態
  15. CarbonMonoxide

    Why I keep crashing?

    I have exactly 4GB RAM so I must switch to a 64 bit OS but can I just upgrade my OS to 64 bit? some said that I can do so if my CPU supports 64 bit, and I've checked my Pentium® Dual-Core E5400 does now I'm a bit afraid that my computer will also lose support soon...