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  1. tank_killer123

    1st of the IJNs :P

    Murican Freedom USN FOR THE WIN!!! Hahahaha
  2. tank_killer123


    Suprise Mofo!!! <----(every sub commander's favorite phrase)
  3. tank_killer123

    WOT style horizontal

    I miss that vertical style in WoT anyway hopefully in the future WoWs would get the same tech tree interface
  4. tank_killer123

    1st of the IJNs :P

    Yeah its popular in the low tier
  5. tank_killer123

    General WoWS Discussion

    Ever the same also lurking in World of Tanks forums (except Blitz forums, in which I am active), but WoWs is pulling me to be active in the forums for a short while during the weekend See ya all in the high seas
  6. tank_killer123

    What are you doing to get ready for WoWs

    Sadly, we still don't have the Russian Navy to complement with that
  7. tank_killer123

    1st of the IJNs :P

    Aye, just a counter to IJN for the lolz.
  8. tank_killer123

    Tier 10 BB. Yamato vs Montana

    It's a shame carriers ruled the Pacific and battleship vs battleship action is very rare if not, didn't happen at all. Also a shame is the Yamato sunk. Would be lovely to see her preserved after the war if she wasn't destroyed .
  9. tank_killer123

    1st of the IJNs :P

    In the near future, I sense an IJN clan
  10. tank_killer123

    PC Requirements

    bad PC is bad
  11. tank_killer123

    Statement regarding recent leaks

    them v bwahahahahah
  12. tank_killer123

    "Everything you wanted to know about the beta weekend!"

    ^ this will signify your first few battles in WoWs hahahaha