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  1. Bob, I think it's a good start but I don't think you've gone far enough. I propose WG introduce a ship line where players dont have to switch ammo type AT ALL (safer just to stick with HE), give them a super heal to repair any damage taken, give them fantastic range coupled with cruiser level concealment, and make them un-citadelable by giving them a lowered citadel. This would allow even the worst players the ability to deal 110k in damage (say... 35k more than the next closest average just to be safe) per game simply by rolling their face on the keyboard from max range! Ya savvy?
  2. god damn - rerolling twice will be a pain but I might have to check it out
  3. Now these are powers of observation I've been waiting to witness!
  4. Hello everyone! I have been hitting up NA a lot recently, got myself a couple of T10s and had a general blast. One thing I've noticed is that the gameplay is much more interesting, enjoyable and games dont take 6 weeks resulting in one team winning by points whilst the other team still has > half of their ships alive (in general). A small suggestion I think would help (if WG is listening). For every ship on SEA, the duration time of spotting aircraft module should increase the duration to.... hmmmm... 20 mins? and the range to.... The whole map? In addition, I think it would be beneficial for a new hotkey which spams 'poi' to be added which after pressing immediately renders the users chat invisible thereby negating all potential team work and having the added bonus of removing the ability to respond to even basic external stimuli (getting shot at, capped out etc etc) leaving them in a state of brain function (temporary of course - 20 min duration) roughly anagolous to lobotomised domestic pets. I feel this would add some more dynamism to the game and really allow players to have the full experience of just what it means to play on SEA server. Thank you for listening to my suggestions.
  5. My apologies trollphoon, I did in fact forget that was the case.
  6. Crappy internet and inability to handle the asian meta? Believe me I can... There are games where I will do my best to sit there for 20 mins firing my guns 20km from the front line, running at the first sight of the enemy. I will do my best to stay alive (oh glory the ultimate goal!) so that in domination games we have teams getting capped out with 8 ships left on the losing side. I will try to provide literally no communication aside from the occassional 'poi' because everything else is either square boxes or asterixes because apparently all people on this server are children who need to be protected from 'bad words'. There is no skill, you want to know why my stats are so complete ass from the last week? Because I have jumped on, played a few games with some top lads that I like to catch up with and play with but have almost literally fallen asleep in 80% of those games so I have YOLOd or done something very un-asian server in an effort to experience some even semblance of excitement. Now why should you care if I move to NA? Because the other night I was on about 2030 local time and there were 6.5k players online. I remember when I saw 10k+ on. THIS SERVER IS LOSING PLAYERS because of the complete lack of community engagement, the coward snooze-worthy meta, and the fishing divs which you come across every tier game because the player base is so small there isn't the ability to see new players and 'muh t7 stats matter so much to me so I need to bring flint, belfast, saipan urghhhhh urghhhhh derrr'. Sooooo Why do I care? because I have put money into this server. I have subsidised your gaming experience, I have definitely subsidised the gaming experience of players from most countries that make up SEA server. Losing players from one of the richest countries on the planet is probably a bad idea. It annoys me that instead of having an actual discussion about the total waste of time meta on asia you and your circle jerk of forum friends instead just end with the classic 'go to NA then' response. This Ralph dude above me 'Lol.' yeah 10/10 response m8. Guys from my clan tell me about the forums all the time as I had stopped checking ages ago but holy hell these responses really are the definition of 'missed the point'. WG should have just put us in NA at the start really, we wouldn't have had this issue.
  7. good luck with that one, there isnt any to be found here. Just the same circle jerk going on. Reddit is the only good place for info really
  8. Yeah I didnt even read what you said in your original post but I just wish this server would die. Im so sick of these people. I've essentially switched to NA because the non-english speaking cowards that infest this worthless server have ruined the game. WG give me a refund
  9. I am normally on this server (Aussie) but jumped across to NA (IGN: _BIQ_) and have noticed the same thing. Overall the play on NA is way way way more fun but seems to have less 'skill' overall. That is to say the 'average' player on NA is more common and so it is easier to do well, I suspect that's because the player population on SEA is so small that you have a higher concentration of players. The games are (generally) much quicker with less camping involved. The lack of communication is really annoying on this server as well. If I had my time again I would have started on NA, as it is I am putting in more effort on NA than this server now and the only thing keeping me playing here at all is my clan. Welcome to Asia!
  10. biq27

    Rank battles observations

    Has anybody noticed this trend of BBs firing HE as they insist that it does more 'on bow on ships'? First of all - Aim for superstructure so... no it doesn't Secondly - that ship will not remain angled, if it does your positioning is poor.
  11. biq27

    You can't win sometimes...

    Finding the right time to push is a skill in itself, there is a happy medium between 'suicidal charge' and 'good pushing'. Watch youtube commentators to gain a better idea of when that time comes.
  12. biq27

    the clash of the elemnts event needs to be redone

    You're excused* of course, but you're wrong. If clans of unicums are fighting each other to get an OP T5 premium worth about $14 that is their choice, that doesn't make the event valid. It created no hype and did not increase my engagement, it did not increase engagement amongst the player base with most people picking up coins just by playing as they normally would then farming modules. This doesn't mean the rewards weren't nice but the artificial 'team' nature of water v fire did not add anything to the event. Do you work for WG or something? Because an ability to not recognise flaws in an event and use it as an opportunity for improvement is dogmatic and therefore deeply flawed.
  13. biq27

    the clash of the elemnts event needs to be redone

    It failed to generate 'hype'. It failed to meet what it was designed to do. That's OK - hopefully WG learn from this for future marketing/player engagement events. The rewards were lacklustre and the individual achievement was almost nothing, for example I was on team water but had no particular ties to that, simply told to join by my clan mates - as it turns out we won but it could have been team fire for all I care. Kami was a dumb top place winner for a comp requiring so much grinding certainly but the rest of it was just... Underwhelming. Not bad but just 'meh'.
  14. Definitely! All the 2mm of extra bow armour will do is not allow you to be overmatched by some other T8 BBs (Bismarck etc). It does nothing for the other problems you have highlighted. DPM buff, concealment buff is what is really needed.
  15. True, true but it's not really different for T7 ships seeing T9 or the current T8 seeing T10 without heal. Something will be always be more op than others unless we add heal to all cruisers (and I am not opposed to that by the way!). T8 is seeing a hell of a lot more 9/10 now than in the past though, probably because of a combination of premium camo and game age meaning more people have reached higher tiers.