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  1. hatescammer

    [MOD] Kancolle OP login screen mod

    login screen mods for world of warships and comes with audio as well. currently only have kancolle OP but will try to make more as i find the time to do it installation instructions put the files into X:/games/WoWs/res_mods or ur wows files. swap the 0.4.0 to as of update when there is new update just put the whole file into 0.4.0.X) Once the files are in res_mods, edit your paths.xml (found in the game folder) so that it reads the following:
  2. hatescammer

    There goes my CBT

    even if they can download the cant login and play it anyway
  3. hatescammer

    There goes my CBT

    grz welcome to the game admiral looking forward to join u ingame
  4. hatescammer

    There goes my CBT

    maybe u guys need to wait 1-3 days for the verification to get the email