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    Cursor too small on 4K monitor

    I have been already using 1080p for the game and that's where the problem is
  2. Hi everyone I have been playing on my gaming laptop with 4K 17.3'' display and I set the game display to 1920*1080 while my desktop is set to 4k, since the game is more demanding on graphic card and this lower resolution gives a better framerate. The problem is that The cursor in-game is really small as it looks like a 1/4 of a normal size, corresponding to my resolution settings. It is really hard to find the cursor in game when I need to control the manual secondary armament and AA targeting. Just wish to know if anyone knows how to scale the cursor, or maybe WG could do something on this?
  3. ​I do not wish to kill it however it is playing differently than human players. I bet you have seen many times AI DDs run into each other for example. Are you suggesting human players to change their way of playing, which is superior, to fit the AI stupid battle? Also, it is not fair that other players killed you and being unpunished, and do the same thing again and again. And here the other players are AIs so naturally they cannot be punished. That's why I say the system is not fair when treating kill AI equal to kill human players.
  4. Hi all I just found that I got pink named after accidentally killing a BOT teammate DD when playing coop battle. I don't think this is fair because honestly the AI SHIPS are usually stupid and, do not play like human players do. Many times I got torpedoed which were fired from my AI teammates when I am in between with its target. AI will fire torpedos and guns NEGLECTING YOUR PRESENCE. And we all know that it is impossible to punish AI for the dumb. I don't think it is correct to include the team damage to the AI ships or at least, killing AI teammate ships in COOP mode should be given a much lighter weight in considering punishment.