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  1. This is what is called a match, I think NOT!!! Really would have thought after all the years and all the complaints that you guys would have done something about this. This not a true test of skill, you might as well just go and kill an ant with a tank, and the funniest thing is that the winning team say's "GREAT GAME" to each other WHAT A JOKE!!! I understand that the only way to get better and to refine your skills is to play harder players, but when the opposition is already selected to win how is that in any way shape or form going to enable you to better yourself and give enjoyment to playing a game that is so biased to the player that pays the most wins the most. GREED at it's finest!!! Oh yeah and I can hear the critics right now "oh boohoo, poor bad loser" well to you I say "winning isn't everything! it's how you play the game", I play for the enjoyment of the game and this game is really starting to lose it's appeal because of players like you who think you've won a very hollow game, just like the tank and the ant, no skilled required and no contest at all.