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  1. Shokuhou_Misaki

    Is this normal

    Another thing could be that you're too close to him and his shots fly low and hit you accidentally because you were in the path of the shells. This happens when your literally side by side with an ally and he fires a low arc shot.
  2. Shokuhou_Misaki

    Ship Naming

    Well another idea would be to allow players to name their ship, but set a character limit, and have it beside the ship's name ETC: Myogi [insert name here] or [insert name here] Myogi It will have to be heavily moderated though you wouldn't want someone running around with a ship named [myhugemanly18inchtelescopiccannon] etc ~
  3. Shokuhou_Misaki

    On USN ship colours

    Well you could have a point there, to make all the Camo paint look uniform across all the USN ships.
  4. Shokuhou_Misaki

    On USN ship colours

    Ah ic, I'm not to familiar with USN ships, mostly with DKM and IJN ships as thats where my interest is. But wouldn't the shipyard doing the repairs/reworks give it a fresh coat of paint to keep the seawater for further eroding away at the steel ?
  5. Shokuhou_Misaki

    The game is "so balance"

    True, although I do feel that bad MM in a Kawachi is like stubbing your Toe and Pinching your hand at a door. The Kawachi can be such a pain to grind at times due to the gun range.
  6. To be honest, once you get a feel of its general position its a matter of shooting and hoping. Because of RNG its almost impossible to snipe reliably. Once I learnt the general layout of how citadels worked, it was matter of adjusting my aim to the general area.
  7. Shokuhou_Misaki

    Rear Gunner?

    Well I don't have that skill researched but the torpedo bombers I have on my CV has them and while not super effective they've shot down a couple of fighters before. Its more of a self defense thing. I don't think sending it to circle a scout plane will shoot it down, its meant to shoot things chasing it. Not the other way around. EDIT: @Yura, Damn, that's an awesome list you got there, thanks for sharing, I'll be stealing that for reference.
  8. Shokuhou_Misaki

    On USN ship colours

    Unless of course you were hit so badly you had to sit in port for months for major repairs or upgrades. But generally while spending weeks at sea, like it or not, rust will form, My personal opinion on it, it gives the ship character and feels less like something from a catalog.
  9. Although imo, i still feel PVE is the way to go and WG probably meant it to be that way. Practice is important but practice in a controlled environment for too long may be bad in its own way as it doesn't help players grasp the concept of actual combat where in PVP ships move erratically. I think WG should implement a tutorial much like what is already existing in WoT for the new players to understand the basics. Then the rest is applying them in PVE. That would make a smoother transition into actual PVP.
  10. Shokuhou_Misaki

    When I ask my friend about this game...

    I have a friend who registered WoWs on his Steam account under the name 'Poi Simulator'
  11. Shokuhou_Misaki

    On USN ship colours

    I completely agree, give them back their original colors Maybe they changed it back to gray to make the entire tree to look more a less the same and not to confuse people ?
  12. Shokuhou_Misaki

    0fps and 700ping help!

    No idea as to why your game is doing that, but as previously mentioned you need to upgrade your PC specs. Try and source out a HD 6950 its old but relative cheap and can hold its ground against some newer mid range cards. I did WoWs max settings at 720p with no issues, it should do 1080p just fine with some minor adjustments to graphics settings. Also another 2GB or ram if you can and are running x64 bit windows.
  13. Shokuhou_Misaki

    AniManga Chat :E

    but yeah of course but imo it doesn't explicitly challenge or break any rules written there to my best understanding, but I'll take the users word of caution regardless ~