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  1. bokute2009

    Is it easy to hack a game server?

    t9 and 10 always on fire
  2. bokute2009

    Is it easy to hack a game server?

    I yell and woosh RNG gives me 1190 on broadside in my alsace gg
  3. bokute2009

    Is it easy to hack a game server?

    please enlight me how to fight RNBBs
  4. bokute2009

    Is it easy to hack a game server?

    Bc WG this is still alive lol
  5. bokute2009

    Is it easy to hack a game server?

    I just want to delete those royal navy ships lol. I went through a streak of matches just constantly got burn by 3 or sometimes 4 fires from 'royal navy' bbs.Fire from cruisers and dds? Cool i can take that, from 'royal navy' bbs? nope
  6. bokute2009

    Is it easy to hack a game server?

    Maybe i should hire someone from the deepweb then lol. Those british bbs bugging me so bad that i ask this thing
  7. bokute2009

    Is it easy to hack a game server?

    Yeah so serious and i'm crying about british HE bbs.So many times i wait the spotted icon to drop so i can use my DCP to get rid of 3 fire and just when it goes off those british bbs shoot and wow 3 fire again with 10 14k damage as a bouns. Just fire fire fire everytime a british bb shoot
  8. Discussion/linking/illegal/inappropriate behaviour, Content Removed, User Sanctioned ~tc1259
  9. bokute2009

    That credit supercontainer

    Well,uhh i don't have prem or prem ships so yeah not so much credit
  10. bokute2009

    That credit supercontainer

    i usually go for the dices and credit this is.The first time or second time i have a 5m credit supercontainer and load of 75k credit in the credit container. So i don't even know about the bigger credit reward not a clue
  11. bokute2009

    That credit supercontainer

    true tho some flags are so important like the one which deny rngesus 'fun and engaging' skill
  12. bokute2009

    That credit supercontainer

    i got the low roll so many time i don't even know there are bigger credit reward
  13. bokute2009

    That credit supercontainer

    Well god i don't know that thing everytime i open 'more credit' container i get 75k credit so many time that it makes me think the 'more credit' container is useless. Even when i have a supercontainer it gives me 5m so i think the supercontainer has only 5m at max lol
  14. bokute2009

    That credit supercontainer

    I think the credit supercontainer should be changed to like 15m instead of 5m that would be very helpful i don't buy the thing that choosing the more credit containers is more efficent. Just increase the credit in the credit supercontainer to 10 or 15m that would be nice much need of those credit especially when i don't have premium
  15. bokute2009

    Some love in the battle lol

    no you see nothing i sunk it in sucide's path wait i mean warrior's path