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  1. lyquid

    Summary - Battle Count

    I will just have to work on getting my games up on pvp. Man silly muck up playing PvE lol thanks for the help guys.
  2. lyquid

    Summary - Battle Count

    hmm...wait...NA I think lol Now I need to check lol
  3. lyquid

    Summary - Battle Count

    hmmm...thanks for help. when does everything reset for Arkansas?
  4. lyquid

    Summary - Battle Count

    so how can i do 10 battles...then somehow it mysteriously changes to co-op thanks for the help by the way.
  5. lyquid

    Summary - Battle Count

    hmmm...that really sucks.....it had me in co-op. I was positive I was always in random. not that really sucks
  6. Hi guys, I check my summary out and it says I only have 10 battles completed. I have played well and truly more than this. It seems like not every battle is added to this as I have noticed this from when I first looked at the summary page. I am level 7 on the service record and with the USS Arkansas coming up I don't want to miss out on this because I think I have the correct amount of battles played. I would think I have done 100 battles at least but don't know for sure. Anyone know where I can check how many battles I have actually done? Thanks Lyquid
  7. Hi all, okay so it just came up with the download button now. So about 45mins after purchase FYI. Happy days
  8. Hey guys, so glad they did this pre-order. Been hanging for this game. My only issue is i just purchased my pre-order and I can't see any download button. Anyone know if there is a delay or something? Lyq
  9. lyquid

    Have they stopped letting people into the BETA?

    This game is looking so good. Does anyone know when they will be releasing more keys? I really want in on this. Lyq