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  1. I would settle for some more AA guns, or better yet Decent rudder shift.
  2. Tarrell

    German Carrier Tech Tree

    How true, kind of fitting they are the worst DD's in the game. Just Imagined, French autoloader turrets!!
  3. Tarrell

    German Carrier Tech Tree

    I thought they should just mesh the Italian line and German line of ships into a single navy, honestly neither had enough ships to deserve full fledged tech trees. What my biggest surprise so far is no mention at all of the French line of ships. To any non history buffs, up until the occupation of France by German forces, France had one of the biggest navy's second only to England, if it wasn't for British commando's/ navy/ French resistance fighters the Kriegsmarine would have tripled in size. What Navy do WG need to implement: (to name a few) French Navy: Battleships; Lorraine, Paris, Provence, Richelieu, Strasbourg, Jean Bart, Dunkerque, BretagneCrusers: Algérie, Colbert, Duguay-Trouin, Dupleix, Duquesne, Émile Bertin, Jean de Vienne, Jeanne d'Arc, La Galissonnière, Marseillaise, Gloire Carriers: Biter, Béarn Destroyers: Aigle, Albatros, Bison, Jaguar, Volta
  4. Tarrell

    About the Colorado Buff

    Or make the Montana slower, more health, and relocate to the Heavy Battleship line, and the Iowa buff to the Fast Battleship line.
  5. Tarrell

    konigsberg since patch

    I notice the changes, Its much worse, yes more likely to get through the top deck, but every time I fire at enemy ships, good captains are more easily able to jink and avoid the rounds. Same thing with my Nürnberg. Also my God I have the lack of any armour on Nürnberg is just the suck.
  6. Tarrell

    About the Colorado Buff

    Coloardo in stats view is almost a whole tier less effective than a nagato, I'm with Ni_Tehn_Do on this, The South Dakota make more sense, triple mounted guns in 3 turrets, are needed for that woeful dispersion of 4 turret twin guns. However I do believe that the South Dakota will be introduced later on when wargaming split the tiers into fast battleships and heavy pocket battleships/ flagships.
  7. I have actually switched my guns to the 203 on my mogami, just to have petter pen/ range
  8. Tarrell

    German cruisers are really BAD

    I've shrugged of damage in my myko that would my KM CA would have just soaked and taken hit points with, I can fully appreciate that KM CA's were not designed for AA, but the very ships they were designed to kill, all CA's of other nations and dish it out but cant take a return hit. Thats why so many people still play UN and IJN cruisers, at least they can take a hit or deflect it. I completely agree with Hindenburg AA being plane shredders. however you need the captains AA extension to really be effective. Which is actually good as it makes you pick a focus with how you play your ship.
  9. Tarrell

    Buffalo, USN Tier 10 CA

    I wonder if it has the dreaded US torp range of, 6k's
  10. Mogami was amazing until the last update, this is due inpart to the change in turret rotation speed captains perk, HE effectiveness. Since 5.1 what made the Mogami HE spamming so great has decreased dramatically. Mogami's biggest assets are speed/ rudder shift, AA increase and turret rotation. However you pay by having a huge citadel. While you now fire 2*4 torps, this thing is better at holding corridors or straights between islands, in the open water shes no good. The Myko feels slightly over powered in same tier matches now and thats down to twin linked 203mm guns in 5 turrets.
  11. Tarrell

    German cruisers are really BAD

    After playing down the German line to tier 5, not far off tier 6. Biggest issue is lack of armour, sure my citadels are hardly ever hit, but the raw alpha damage inflicted against your ship is enough to kill off most of your health before you know it. If any buff comes to their line it should be same as the last patch on the tier 1 to 3 german cruisers from the last big update, increase the armour thickness by 2-3, nothing else needs buffs, guns are fine and don't feel OP like the Mogami or Myoko. HE doesn't need a buff, thats what caused all the issues in the beta with mogami & cleveland rofl stomping everyone with fire damage. Its actually better that the HE fired against BB's and cruisers isn't as effective compared to other nations. AP is a little weak against BB's, maybe increase shell arc, but thats it. Compared the starting nations, I enjoys these ships immensely. Also AA on tier 7 to X is really only effective after you have both captains perks in AA range increase, and modules on tier 9-X. Then these ships no longer fear aircraft. (aircraft fear you)
  12. Tarrell

    So I hear you liek Tirpitz?

    You'll find many ships had torps, not just the trip, however the torps she had mounted were fixed firing. So wherever your pointing the nose of the ship, the torps are launching at. (possibly they are angled 10-25 degree). Regardless Torps on BB's would be useless in this game, as BB should always fight at there furthest gun range, which is to far for Torps to travel from. What would happen is BB's would blindly fire off torps and usually hit team mates (especially if its intentional). Also this game is World of Warships, not world of battleships, as if BB's need more OP. Leave torps for the guys that are in the situation to actually use them effectively.
  13. Tarrell

    Furutaka - what a ship

    She's a tricky sip to play, but I agree the ship itself has more cons than pros. Gun dispersion: Fire a full volley at a ship and watch only 2-3 rounds make contact at long range as you rounds spray an area instead. ( Only works well if enemy ships have grouped up close or rammed each other). Gun turning, OMG its unbearable, A tier 4 battleship guns turn faster Torps: The main bonus IJN CA's have over USN, and their horrible. Armour: If your lucky a destroy's rounds wont pen your thickest citadel armour. Speed: Average but takes an effort to reach max speed. Rudder shift: is slightly better than USN equivalent but watch your speed disappear, which is more frustrating as it takes so long to get back up. Pros; Twice now I have one shotted a DD with HE rounds, and blown off BB secondary. However AP against all other ships is a must.
  14. Tarrell

    New Skill/Ability for Battleship

    For Lols install an anchor on all ships that has to be retracted at the start of the battle, and watch the new plays cry out in chat that their ship isn't moving even though they have set the engines to full speed.
  15. Tarrell

    Tier X's versus / pros & cons

    HE effectivness reduced due to shell size, rofl, the mogammi will be worst off those triple mounted 5 turrets with 155in guns will be only effective against DD, however the 205in guns. that as big HE shell, only BB will not be worried.