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  1. the_gathering

    Zao and Petro balancing

    "We know there are several ships you want to be addressed, and we'd like to confirm: balance changes are planned for Zao, Petropavlovsk, and FDR in 0.10.10." I will just leave it here. Another broken promise, well I'm not that surprised anymore LOL
  2. Why do they bring out OPS that this point? Well because have been crying for the last 2-3 years for it to come back. Had it not for the outrage of the community that we are having, MrConway and Crysantos will likely just sweep our requests under the rug and laugh at our faces again. And Zao buff also, took them this long to decide to look at whether buff her or not( yes the article implied that they will consider buffing her or not). I mean really? I don't wanna sound pessimistic but this really is fishy and i find hard to believe that this won't turn into another broken promise from Wee Gee. Well time will tell. Go to 10:37, when the players mentioned Zao buff, Crysantos reactions really made me sick. The level of contempt that he has for us players were right there for us to see. This company really hates its players.
  3. the_gathering

    ​📢 Important Message for the Community

    I think we got the worst drop rate of loot boxes and stuffs. Skimming through NA and EU people got more stuffs than we did and it's quite fishy tbh. I guess because we Asians and Australians did not cry out as much as other servers *shrugs*
  4. the_gathering

    ​📢 Important Message for the Community

    Action speaks louder than words. Prove it!! That's my take. BTW guys we should archive the post so we can hold them accountable when needed.