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  1. dead_target

    Beat those Torpedoes

    IGN: Dead_target Replay: http://wowreplays.com/Replay/8469 Time 15:00 onwards I think
  2. dead_target

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Just thought I'll add my opinion here. Bugs still seem to exist especially when players abuse that blue line wall. I've observed enemy BBs firing salvoes against other players at ranges where they'll usually be spotted, but the don't just cos they're hugging that damned line.
  3. dead_target

    flying ship bug

    Ahh I see now. So basically the graphic bug I see is a result of the "blue line" abuse and not some weird issue. Thanks for clarifying. And yea, ships on the blue line seem to have some kind of deflector shield activated for them. Hopefully the devs look into this issue and get is solved quickly
  4. dead_target

    flying ship bug

    How so, if I may ask? And also, just to elaborate, this situation just popped up for one or 2 matches last night and then all of a sudden, it was gone again. Anyone has any idea what happened? Bingo. Sounds like the best way to describe this weird situation
  5. dead_target

    flying ship bug

    ehh look carefully and you'll see the part that is supposed to be below the waterline above the surface of the sea. I'll uploaded a larger image to make it clearer. Basically the whole ship was out of the water...............
  6. dead_target

    flying ship bug

    Not too sure how to put it, I guess the best way is to describe it as floating above the water, either that or that it's ON the water instead of IN the water.
  7. dead_target

    flying ship bug

    This bug ruined an entire game for me. Or 2 I can't remember. Any idea how to report it?
  8. dead_target

    Torpedo bomber attack runs

    Just a suggestion, perhaps add a approach run for torpedo bombers where they have to fly low and slow in order to drop their torps on the enemy. It's rather ridiculous to get sunk by torpedo bombers approaching from behind a mountain when IRL it would've been nearly impossible for torpedo bombers to commence their run to the target due to the terrain, as seen from this image, where torps bombers approached from these mountains, dropped their torps and killed my cruiser.
  9. dead_target

    Destroyers are fun

    Imo JP DDs have better torps while American DDs have better guns. Not too sure bout the later tiers as I've only played till T6 for Japanese DDs and the American DDs are based on what I observed.