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  1. Luthais

    Team Chat

    What does it mean when the chat window is full of little squares? As it is an Asian server I expect to see some type of foreign language, but how am I meant to understand when it is filled with little squares?
  2. Luthais

    We Were All Noobs Once

    Well, my stats are now public. The problem is that I can win every game for the next 100 games and my win ratio will still be rubbish. I have been having some coaching and lots more vids and am not making the same mistakes I used to. Guess I will have to grow a thicker skin.
  3. Luthais

    We Were All Noobs Once

    I have no shame either, I am improving. I accept I still make the occasional newb mistake. But the last straw being broadsided and having my engine disabled at the start of a T5 battle, called a noob and told to go back to co-op wasn’t the best. Even taunting me with PM’s. So now I will be judged by the battle I play.
  4. Luthais

    We Were All Noobs Once

    I joined Wargaming a couple of years ago but have only really been playing WoWS for two months. So I am still a newcomer (Noob). My advice to other newcomers is to join a clan so you can listen to the experienced players on how they do things like the best ship, Captains Skills, tactics, etc. Also, watch all the Wargaming videos and check out YouTube as there are so many informative and awesome videos out there. My number one tip is "Grow a Thick Skin" as there are so many Admirals (Not what I want to write) out there who think they are the best at the game. My recommendation is that you hide your profile as a lot of people will judge you by it and will tell you to go back to COOPs or Co-Op battles. Hiding your stats just alleviates any problems. Yes, COOP battles are great to try out a new ship, test your aiming and leading of targets etc, but a lot of the BOTS don't fire back at you. This is a game after all and everyone should have the same opportunity. Play whatever you want and enjoy the game. You can't learn without playing the game, making mistakes and watching other players. This is just my opinion.
  5. Luthais

    Can't connect to CV TST server

    I have a similar problem when I click the link it says I am already part of the Beta Test yet I can't find the 'TST' server and have not received an email. It does not give me the option to send again.
  6. Luthais

    Looking for suitable Clan

    My noob mistake, posted in the wrong section. doh
  7. Luthais

    Looking for suitable Clan

    I am fairly new to WOWS. I had a look at both WOT and WOWS a couple of years ago but never really took to it. I am ex-military with over 20 years service and understand tactics in a way, but the low tiers of WOWS have none of that anyway, I worked out it's every man for itself, hence why I am looking for a suitable clan to learn from. Having made from what I gather as the usual noob mistakes like staring down the sight and not looking where I am going and running not only into other players but aground as well, not checking prior to releasing torpedo's or firing off a broadside being another. So I am from North Queensland, Australia and am available nearly every day and evening/night, so suggestions for clans would be appreciated. I am sort of over the children on here. Today I was hunting down a cruiser and one of my own teammates just started laying broadside after broadside into me, and it was no accident either as I ducked around behind an island and when I came out the other side I was hit again. I am not one to dob someone in, but it sort of spoils the xp building. Cheers for any suggestions.
  8. Luthais

    Are There Battle Groups?

    I played in WOT and belonged to a clan or group. Is there such a group on here. Somewhere to learn from and maybe TS/Mumble or whatever?
  9. Luthais

    Cannot research new ship.

    I suppose that is a relevant question. Yes, when I select the warship, a pop up window appears with the research price which is zero of course and the cost price. And yes I have ample gold for the purchase. It is freezing the screen. I have to task manager to exit the game too and there is no 'not responding' next to it either.
  10. Luthais

    Cannot research new ship.

    Am trying to purchase a premium ship. Now maybe I am going wrong somewhere so correct me if I do. 1. I go to the tech tree, 2. Select my nation then choose one of the gold ships on the right. When I choose the ship I desire, it comes up with a window which asks me to research it. Written in gold it says 'Premium Ship Benefits'. The first on the list is 'No Research Required'. When I press the 'Research' button the game comes up with a confirmation window which says 'Research the ship for..' and a Yes or No answer. either button does not work as the game is now frozen. Apologies if anyone has had this as well.