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  1. Gov_Elite

    Bad frame speed

    Sorry for the delay here is the results from the dxdiag test. DxDiag.txt
  2. Gov_Elite

    Bad frame speed

    My computer won't allow me to run dxdiag.exe.
  3. Gov_Elite

    Bad frame speed

    I did add my computer info to my original post. Not sure what to do as its so frustrating.
  4. Gov_Elite

    Bad frame speed

    Here is a speed test I did for my net. Thanks Gov-Elite
  5. Gov_Elite

    Bad frame speed

    Hi all, ever since the last 2 updates my fps has dropped down to 3 - 8 fps most games and my load in times have increased so its minuets into game before I get in, in ever ship I have.. My graphics is on its lowest setting but it still hasn't improved. I have none of these issues when I play WOT. Can anyone help me with suggestions please. Thanks Gov-Elite