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  1. SgtOddball

    Newbie here!

    Then should i stop at Tier 4 only to raise my skill level in preparation for the upcoming 6 tiers up? But then again i have fun playing with USN DD.
  2. SgtOddball

    Newbie here!

    Then should i start on German then USN and lastly IJN? thanks dude.
  3. SgtOddball

    Newbie here!

    No i didn't get any of those ships sadly. Should i file a ticket to wargaming to get the reward ships for alpha and beta testing? Or any mods or WG Admin that could shed some light in this? I would be appreciated if someone will tell me why i didn't get those ships. Well i guess i should reiterate my question. Which Ship class is newbie friendly to play with? Which Nation should i pursue (but i know i will go to amercian navy route) I may have many questions but i think i'll post it later.
  4. SgtOddball

    Newbie here!

    Hi as you can see that im going back on this game. Although i participated the alpha test this 2013 but duty calls and been on the sea for the past 4 years. Now that i have time to play and open my 4 year dormant account of WoWs(and i was hoping that Wargaming would reward me a beta or an alpha tester reward ship but nothing on my port T_T) I would like to ask what nation is the best. Or maybe which ship class is fun to play with. Any answers, tips, suggestion, violent reactions and advice is very appreciated. Thank you.
  5. SgtOddball

    What are you doing to get ready for WoWs

    waiting for the japanese ships to be nerfed to kingdom come
  6. SgtOddball


    1 何ここに?