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  1. Aw, what a shame, well, thanks for the answers. Cheers!
  2. Does the captain skill "Adrenaline Rush" affects reload time of AA or DP guns against air? I saw an old post said "since the AA guns calculate as damage per second, and they don't have reload time, it won't affect" Just want to confirm it, thanks!
  3. So previously I used to change the preference.xml to access the training, until today I decided to play it again and realised it doesn't work anymore, the default game type won't change to red Co-op Battle button. Can someone confirm this? Many thanks! *Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section :/
  4. Victoriana

    About Sharnhorst's flag

    Well... Ok....thx for the reply!
  5. Victoriana

    About Sharnhorst's flag

    If we purchased the ship, will we get that flag?
  6. 瞄準鏡頭可以在"設定"裡改喔~ 按"ESC"後選"設定/Setting" 然後 "控制/Controls" 在正中間就有一個按鈕叫"準星/Crosshair" 選一個自己喜歡的吧! *翻譯可能有誤 畢竟我是用英文語言
  7. Victoriana

    Atago not found!?

    Yes, I was in my account while visiting the site.
  8. Victoriana

    Atago not found!?

    So in the 18th Anniversary sales, WG released two Atago bundles. I tried to purchase the standard one with a ship and a port. It shows me page not found... So I check the Full Pack, and... still not found!? Anyone having this issue?
  9. Victoriana

    Kirishima voice...

    So as recently announced, we get to have two commanders for free as the celebration of anniversary (That's good, now we have 3 Ionas in our port ) The Kirishima voice is also available during voice selection. But what frustrate me is why is Kirishima's voice replaced by Iona's? And then it is shown as "Kirishima's" voice? What is the purpose of this? I know it is not a bug because at the bottom of the announcement it clearly stated "Commander Kirishima (Humanoid Form) will play Iona's voice clip while active." But why !? Feel free to share your opinion.
  10. Victoriana

    Need Improvement

    Hmm, if you need some advice regards to battleship, I would recommend you read through this post thoroughly: http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/6896-battleship-guide-my-new-bb-is-performing-wrong-as-expected/ *All credits belong to the respected author. It got some really good information, so please take some time and digest them slowly. In addition, it's all about experience. You gain experience as you battle more. That is as far the best way to learn and improve yourself. And as other mentioned, don't rush to buff your stats, you'll get there when your skills reached there. Enjoy!
  11. I see, I learned quite a few things here, thx guys!
  12. So I generally use Steering Gears Modification 2 on my battleships, until recently I saw an old post with someone suggesting Damage Control System Modification 2 over it. Well, this got me thinking which one of them is more important, while both have their strengths offer to a battleship. Which one of them is more considered more potent to you fellow captains? Cheers!
  13. Victoriana

    關於美航五階伯格 制空玩法

    嗯? 沒有錯啊 制空本來就是美航的強項啊 我玩過日航, 對付美航真的是有難度...不過這本來就是要靠各艦長去克服的難度, 不該怪罪於人 至於被人嫌嗎... 只能說這是個PVP的遊戲, 各種玩家都有...放開心胸 接受吧~ 還有啊 你若能把對面打到惱羞成怒, 這也是一種讚美啊 (恭喜啊~你成功了!) 總而言之 只要你玩的快樂, 願意學習 和抱持著為團隊輸贏著想的心態 你就是對的!