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    Trieste reacted to Syanda in is there a reason we do not get to aim/fire secondary cannons?   
    Because, as it stands, torpedoes and destroyers are intended to be the hard counter to battleships. Given two players of equal skill, one in a destroyer and one in a battleship, the destroyer is better equipped to kill the battleship. Likewise, CAs kill DDs, and BBs kill CAs, and everything kills a CV if the CV is in gun range. Of course, there are ways to weight the battle in your favour (like a carefully-aimed hit with main guns on the DD to instantly kill it, and the DD still has to negotiate the secondary batteries in order to approach close enough for a sure-kill spread).
    Giving local control of secondary weapons to BB captains for anti-ship use negates the destroyer's role as that hard counter, and simultaneously takes out one of the CA's primary roles. It weighs the balance between classes EXTREMELY heavily towards battleships. Calling it destroyer bias is not constructive.
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    Trieste got a reaction from Conkhead1 in Brainstorming: Finding a solution for stopping BBs from camping the blue line   
    if you cross the border, the announcer will cry out: RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

    ...and an indestructible NPC Kraken will spawn to pull your ship down towards Davy Jones' Locker.
    This will be both entertaining as well as educational.
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    Trieste got a reaction from Eagle797 in Brainstorming: Finding a solution for stopping BBs from camping the blue line   
    cos, you know...Stolen Valour and all that shit 
    also, on the topic of preventing camping the edge, there's already an auto-pilot anti-collision system. It will autopilot you away from islands and allied ships when you leave the controls alone. it even has two modes to choose from, other than turning it off completely.
    1) Always On - This means it will always help you avoid collisions.
    2) Only in Binocular Mode - This will only activate the anti-collision system when you're ranging an enemy and possibly tunnel visioned.
    I don't see why they can't designate the map edge as an "island" and so whoever intends to camp along it will have to CONSCIOUSLY FIGHT THE AUTOPILOT.
    Why do I highlight that part? because it means that you can't say you "didn't know" what you were doing. Your ship was steering itself away from the line and you fought the autopilot to bring it back there...meaning you had every intention of camping it.
    It sure as heck makes Idle/Bot detection easier, IMHO.
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    Trieste got a reaction from Vanguisher88 in is there a reason we do not get to aim/fire secondary cannons?   
    Inversely, as a BB, what are you doing letting an enemy Cruiser/DD get within 5KM of you?
    The fact that you have secondaries is already a sort of "insurance" against dumb people doing dumb things in their BBs.
    And the thing i said about BBs dealing tens of thousands of damage with secondaries?
    > If you could AIM your secondaries, skilled players would go for critical hits all the time, leading to massive damage, especially considering how fast some of those secondaries reload and how many of them there are in a high-tier BB.
  5. Cool
    Trieste reacted to AALG in Notice to all players, including new CBT participants   
    After the influx of new players, I have noticed an unfortunate trend taking place in battle chats : People are starting to insult their fellow players, beyond good natured ribbing and joking.


    This trend is not something we want to continue. If a moderator observes it in the battle, chatbans WILL be placed directly after the battle.


     In case a moderator is not present, they can be advised via the forum PM function, and will take action if a replay is accompanying the complaint.


    We do want this to be a friendly and funfilled place for all. Even when the battle goes badly. So refrain from insulting your fellow players, or suffer the repercussions, in the form of chatbans, escalating up to removal of beta access, for repeat offenders and serious cases.



    Moderation team, WoWS Asia
  6. Cool
    Trieste reacted to _SIayer in Advance Destroyer plays   
    1. Turn off AA
    2. Use the white line in torpedo mode to know what speed/direction a target is moving.
    3. Use dem smoke
    4. Don't use the main guns unless really needed, you will be detected right away.
    5. Set up traps.
       - Do tip number 2 in determining which way they are going to use and find a spot where you can use the tiny nooks in the map to just sit in the corner and wait to unload them torpedoes. (also works if you are spotted, just yank your DD in an Island where then can come in thinking you are hopelessly stuck and greet them with torpedoes.)

    Edit: I've only played IJN destroyers
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    Trieste got a reaction from XDeathLordX in Watery Graves   
    unfortunately, considering the game engine that Wargaming loves to use...it's highly unlikely that we'll ever get dynamic destruction on either tanks or ships.
    HAVOK was promised to us in 9.X.
    It's now moving into 9.7 on WoT and we still don't have any indication that HAVOK is coming.
    I'm highly doubtful that the WoWS dev team will implement HAVOK before WoT...so yeah...
    We can only dream :|
  8. Cool
    Trieste got a reaction from Minion__ in "Player Attack" livestreaming WoWS   
    Freshmeat also streams from time to time.
    His channel is : http://www.twitch.tv/avant__freshmeat/profile