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  1. Trieste

    when'll WOWS support SLI?

    use adaptive Vsync to limit the frame-rates that it's churning out. or turn on frame rate targets using a tuning tool like EVGA Precision/MSI Afterburner the Port GUI refreshes waaaaay faster than anything else due to the low complexity. you could also try using the in-game setting of "lower GUI refresh rate" and see if that helps.
  2. <WARNING: DESERTERS WILL BE SHOT> 10s after hitting blue line, if your ship maintains its course, you explode in a blaze of glory.
  3. enemy blue line, of course. once people realise that blue-lining will make them a priority torp target the moment they get spotted, they'll stop doing it. maybe then, we'll see more island-hugging BBs...but that's another problem to solve.
  4. you know how to make them leave the blue line? 1) play DD/CV 2) TORP THEM TO HELL AND BACK 3) BATHE IN DELICIOUS PUBBIE TEARS 4) PROFIT silence! Kraken shall now take you too!
  5. > Updated ~2.8gb of data. > Launcher says i'm running the latest version. > loaded up the game > Server login still says CBT ASIA. > I can't log in GG
  6. wtf...plane flight speeds are so fast that fighters can't catch them? what a bunch of bull this update has given.
  7. Trieste

    Konggo the Grinding master ship :3

    Indy? Indy meets nothing = WOOT. Indy meets Indy = CV Duel. Indy meets Saipan = Rekt. Indy meets Ranger = lie down and give up. with the patch 3.1 introducing IJN CV's, low tier USN CV's are practically relegated to doing nothing more than air escort duty.
  8. on the matter of IJN CV's, they may not need to be in bomber loadout to excel, but they definitely hold the advantage in the bomber department. also, expecting a USN CV to actually kill stuff consistently with 1 TB and 2-3 DBs without any Fighter cover is pretty ridiculous. YES, it is possible to do it, given enough skill...but is this what we want the CV lines to become? From a relative newbie's perspective, i already see USN CV's as being worth nothing much other than Air superiority until you reach the Essex. IJN CV's on the other hand offer much more flexibility with their varied loadouts, but they generally excel in a full-bomber kit simply because there's no other CV line in the game that can match them, plane for plane in damage output.
  9. Trieste

    Konggo the Grinding master ship :3

    Isokaze/Minekaze earns the creds like a boss. On another note, I've had some recent success with the Ranger as well due to the IJN CV hype spam. So many delicious planes to kill >D
  10. less the fact that CV's are unbalanced and more the fact that WG is trying to pigeonhole CV players into specific roles, rather than letting us customise our own loadouts as much as other aspects of the game allow. A good example from tanks would be choosing the 75mm or the 105mm in the PZIV. Almost totally different playstyles and player-specific skill requirements. Right now, what we're seeing is USN CV = Air Superiority and IJN CV = Bomb everything.
  11. Trieste

    Sunk by 1 torpedo from 100% health in BB

    he meant that he was playing his T5 CV and he one-shot a Myogi and Fusou before.
  12. and of course there's that. because IJN CV's don't need to compromise air cover for attack planes with their 2/2/2 loadout option.
  13. you don't get high exp when you're getting rekt by air superiority CVs. heck, even IJN CVs can rekt your planes if you're on full bomber loadout.
  14. I was playing my stock Mutsuki yesterday and i kept getting matches versus higher tier DDs because of broken Divisions MM. Imagine 2 Mutsuki versus 4 Hatsuharu (2 in Div). Or 1 Mutsuki versus Benson (lol 100% rekt) it's really too bad you can't 2-man CV Div any more. Instead, you have to roll the dice and pray you don't get some retarded full-bomber USN CV. "Best" game I had was as Ranger with Lex ally versus an Essex. Lex brought full bombers. Essex brought fighters. I facepalmed so hard...