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  1. You cannot dodge something that you cannot see. . . Many times they pop up and it's just too late. I've tried many times to dodge the close ones yet i all ways get hit by 1 or 2 and there goes half my health. Try dodging a torp salvo that is dropped 2kms from you in a BB, good luck you're dead ( Even if you see them Torp bombers and point the BB towards them it's all ready too late ) World of Torps, it will turn out the major player base will use DDs and Cruisers due to torps and high movement speed. You will also see ( all ready am ) BB just sitting very far back to avoid all other ships all together.
  2. You want a all ready boarder line OP thing to become more OP.... If anything they need a 50% damage reduction since they are fire and forget with no skill needed. DDs can go undetected for a long time and pop up right near you and hit you with a full salvo of torps are you're dead. The AC bombers are the worst, torps showing up at the last second and you cannot avoid them. Torps are turning into the OP SPG from WoTs. When will these 1 shot and massively op mechanics be sorted out. Sure it's fun being the one dealing out this game all at once but then look at the flip side of things. It's unbalanced and it's quit annoying to be on the receiving end of, and it especially annoying when it's mecanhics you cannot avoid half of the time. It also makes me and possibly other people not want to play which = less money for WG So please can we go away from the op damage days from WoT . . .
  3. Furious007

    Impressions so far

    This isn't a sim, it's an arcade game and very far from the real world and how the real world works.
  4. Furious007

    Impressions so far

    They are far from balanced, they do so much damage for little effort. Fire and forgot and they do a lot of damage and with the high maneuver ability of the DD makes that whole class very unbalanced. Half of the time you don't see them until it's way too late since if the DD captain is smart they will get up close drop smoke and launch them Torpedoes without you been able to react to it if you''re not in a high maneuverable ship.
  5. Furious007

    Impressions so far

    How is it that people don't see how op the DD Torps are, a child can hit with them so damn easy. 1. Drop smoke 2. You don't need to aim because the games does it for you 3. run a away and profit from damage you don't have to hang around for. and people call this balanced???? I got a feeling that people like how OP the Des is. If a DD is going to get up close to any BB the BB's secondary guns should have something to say about it....
  6. Furious007

    Over Power Torpode 1 Hit Destroy Battleship

    Yes, torps need a huge nerf. They are doing massive amounts of damage to everything. It's not fun being on the receiving end of being one shot a lot of the time since you cannot avoid them half of the time in Battleships. I see them coming but still cannot avoid them.