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  1. Windward

    Optimum chance to get T7 Belfast

    What will the drop if got all T7 ships?
  2. Windward

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    Is that means I have to play T9 Dmitri Donskoi again to gain xp in order to research Alexander Nevsky even I already have Moskva?
  3. Windward

    4k monitor graphics settings strats?

    Turn off Anti-aliasing, you will never need it on 4K or higher resolution.
  4. Hit it with torpedo and you will be awarded with "Insert Coin" achievement.
  5. I found that you need to have the .wowsreplay file inside the default replay folder for it to work. I tried to copy it to other drive and it wont load the replay, but when I copy it back to the replay folder, it will work as intended.
  6. Windward

    AA module 1 reimbursement

    Just found out this AA Guns Modification 2 only works on slot6, not much ship can use it.