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  1. MonashSQ

    Toxic behaviour

    poi - is said a lot and i have seen players become abusive over the over use of poi.
  2. MonashSQ

    Domination ticket counter

    The battles are over far too quickly. I have had too many fun battles ruined because it is over in too short a time plus the real objective and fun part of the game is to destroy the enemy not race to a cap. So change it or get rid of it.
  3. MonashSQ

    Advance Destroyer plays

    oh good the fubuki has three tubes, awesome i look forward to it.
  4. MonashSQ


    The Super structure is a fun place to do a dance number and wave bright flags around-See picture left.
  5. Sorry meant to be- How do i find Which ships have smoke? Doh
  6. As I know the tier 5 Cruiser that the Alpha testers got has smoke, will any more cruisers get smoke? And if they do how can you find this in the tech tree? I thought that maybe it would be in the concealment information area for the ship but isn't.
  7. MonashSQ

    Battleship Guide

    i will listen also
  8. MonashSQ

    Cap siren?

    I agree Anti. But that domination mission just sucks anyway. Most people it seems don't even know whats going on with it. Scrap it. So many fun battles ruined by that silly mission. no one wants it get rid of it.
  9. MonashSQ

    Advance Destroyer plays

    must say i got the mutsaki tier 6 jp dd and it is a huge disappointment.I felt guttered. it feels like a complete waste of research and money. The matekazi jp tier 5 dd is so much better and i find fairs 100% better at up to tier 8. the reload time of the tier 6 dd is just awfull and renders you as canon fodder. it seems like a massive backwards step and counter to wanting to progress in the line of development. why get one when you can be so much more effective with the tier 5dd. Something needs to change with it. The torpedo's need a quicker reload time and Quicker speed in the water and longer range otherwise why even bother with a tier 6 up. What will happen is you wont see them being used as they are quite stupid. You would have better luck with a houseboat crewed by hillbillies armed with shotguns.Come on "change tactics" what? to driving around being a smoke machine and a spectator.Something needs to be fixed here.