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  1. Nekrosmas

    RIP T6 cleveland:(

    You will keep the XP in the T6 Dallas, AFAIK. The best thing you could do is to buy the current T6 to T9 Cruiser (Cleveland, Pespi, NO and Baltimore), and you will get the original ship (and the camos) as well as its replacement (and the camos) - so its all gains.
  2. Nekrosmas

    CV-get rid of them already.

    While any official recognition of the problem is greatly appreciated..... The CV influence problem is brought up not 1 year, not 2 years, but 3 whole years ago when the game start hitting Close Beta. Anddddddddd guess what, 3 years later, here we go again If anything, it is in a even worse state. Skill gap between CVs are as large as ever, even worse WG decided to introduce completely broken CVs *Cough* Saipan *Cough* yet at the same time there are CVs that are borderline useless *Cough* Ranger *Cough*. Good luck "making things right" I guess.
  3. 62 Containers: All Items (Duh) 7.2K Gold Tier 5 (~the 15th), Tier 6 (in iirc ~the 7th container) and Tier 7 (exactly the 25th container, coincidence?)Missions. Sidenote: Richelieu's chances must be something like ~0.01%. So if you got it, I suggest you go buy a lottery or something because you are Super-duper-ultra-incredibly-unbelievably-stupidly Lucky.
  4. What the hell is this thread..... The title is incredibly misleading and is wrong about the GPU part. Please don't tell me there's AMD fanboys here as well. Spectre and Meltdown patches does not affect normal users' experience too much, if any at all. Normal users being gamers, normal day browsing. Its mostly just Placebo effect. There is less than 5% performance loss for normal usage. Also, it doesn't affect GPU at all, whether Nvidia or Radeon (AMD). The main thing users may notice is a lower score in things like Cinebench or a lower "theoretical" performance of SSDs (unless you are a content creator or some sort I doubt this affect you as well). HardwareUnboxed made some good benchmark videos on this: The only thing that is significantly affected is M.2 SSDs - but I doubt you will notice it too much as M.2 is still extremely fast for what it is. There is absolutely no need to panic for those with Intel CPUs. Your 6/7/8th gen Intel CPU are still the best gaming CPU out there. Those with Haswell, Ivy/Sandy Bridge doesnt really need to worry either, although whether manufactures will update your Motherboard's BIOS is to fix the issue is another matter. Obviously, for those with AMD system, as in Ryzen 1th gen, or may god helps you, FX-series (which DO NOT BUY THEM in any price, please) - you should be fine.
  5. Nekrosmas

    I love co-op

    Well TBF, programming tanks to move about in more complex maps (and other things like aiming, angling, spotting, etc.) is quite a hard job compare to Ships. I'd love to see it one day tho. My Tier 10s are rusting for nearly 2 years now :(
  6. Nekrosmas

    I love co-op

    Nothing wrong to like Coop - I like it too :) Its good to play without the frustration of random battles. One hope tho is that I do hope the team size can be expanded to 15 people instead of the 7 right now. Sometimes its just too easy, and I'd like a challenge at times.
  7. Nekrosmas

    Operations : Can we please allow free queues

    I would love to see higher tier scenarios - but I fear WG refusing to do so since its quite profitable for a 4-5 star win with some flags. But one can hope :)
  8. Nekrosmas

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    this forum gone wrong
  9. Nekrosmas

    We Love Dasha Perova

    Is it a criminal offense to not have a particular feeling about Dasha?
  10. Nekrosmas


    I believe they only work on Iowa's L/50s.
  11. Nekrosmas


    I bet it had Radar or DFAA (apparently it had more 40mm Bofors). Because Gimmicks. Anyway, what a stupid release. Another carbon copy - as if we haven't had enough US BB already lol.
  12. Nekrosmas

    Improved graphics makes gameplay difficult

    I have the reverse view - I rather want it even grand-er. I thought the current one was too fake in fact. I do hope WG just put this as an option tho. For people like me I keep it at max - and for people like OP just turn it off. Win-win.
  13. I always run CV if I want to grind Free XP. Easiest way to carry. Just ignore your team and kill everything. (because 11 out of 10 times they don't care about your callout either.) Other good one being Cleveland (muh 152 IFHE) but you need to know how to use your team (Bot shoots the lowest health or the closest target) to preserve your health.
  14. Nekrosmas

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

  15. Nekrosmas

    IFHE and smoke changes

    Notice how this is yet another HUGE buff to Battleships. Not directly, but indirectly - WG you genius-es :D Instead of buffing CA, noooooo lets nerf IFHE, because too many BBabys don't like good CL rekting their precious Battleships.