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  1. Gadwa

    The front fell off.

    RIP John A very funny man!
  2. So how many of us will get caught before reading this, I did!
  3. Gadwa

    Make torpedo one shot weapon

    No, No and No. I play mainly DD's and they're just fine. Some BB's take up to 5 torps to put out of action and that is as it should be. Yes some players just spam torps, but if your half a captain you'd play with that in mind. Now reducing the health and accuracy of them CA's that's something I'd .....................Just kidding
  4. It may have been set up to assist players in some way, allowing you to replay a mission. But there was not a clear explanation of the intent. Some players caught on straight away, others needed some help from the forum. Taking that into account it was a failure on someones behalf. Sorry Wargaming
  5. Gadwa

    Compensation of damage caused by team mates

    Simple answer here, don't get killed by an ally! Sorry to say if it happens to you often your doing something wrong yourself.
  6. Gadwa


    Should't be due to undersea cable, I'm in Adelaide and using East coast connection while Perth line is out. Ping is still playable up from 40 to 110.
  7. Gadwa

    Perth - Singapore cable cut again

    Also affects South Australia as our line goes via WA to Singapore. WoWs is still playable (100-120 on NBN) but WoT is around 200+ Lets hope as you say that its a simple fix (this time)
  8. Gadwa

    Neighbors map

    So the question is d_m_w, did you have to google that, or is it part of your collection?
  9. Ahhh so that explains your + size shirts
  10. Not all players enter into "The Ranked Battle Event", so is this a chest beating exercise for those that do? eg."Hey everyone look how good I am". Otherwise what's it for? Can anyone enlighten me please.
  11. Gadwa

    Shell rendering problem

    I happen to agree Outgoing shells are much smaller and I have to watch their track for longer to assess the impact point. But as you say Kreigg, I'll have to get used to it
  12. Gadwa

    British Fleet - Campbeltown

    Well said yobbo, I couldn't have put it better! If WG want to sell ships at least make them as good as the garden variety tech tree ships.
  13. Gadwa

    British Fleet - Campbeltown

    Purchased it, and I Hate it! IMO if you like using IJN DD's your'll probably enjoy it due to the ample torp range, but I like to get in close and slap people around. i only hope that when the British line comes out there's something in there I can use
  14. Gadwa

    invisible dd rule the game

    And that's why this game relies on teamwork, if your friendlies run for cover the team fails.
  15. Gadwa

    invisible dd rule the game

    I feel your pain....but both teams have the same opportunity to use this tactic. Where indeed were your DD's or CA's?