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  1. Tom_Cruiser

    Go grab a Tirpitz

    $76AUD yeah no thanks.
  2. Tom_Cruiser

    Pensacola, New Orleans and Baltimore are all under powered

    I'm surprised people are still trying to argue about angling of the hull to get guns on target, the raw numbers are there, it comes nowhere close to making the lines even. Anyways, since I last posted I've stopped playing the New Orleans, hopefully the line will get a buff and I can keep going up it, in the meantime I'll just continue on my way to the Zao. The Ibuki is okay, I do better in the Mogami but oh well, it's still not bad.
  3. Tom_Cruiser

    Minekaze got nerfed? Then nerf the cleveland

    I didn't realise there was a rule that DDs a tier higher than your BB needed to do less average damage than it, my bad. As for a DD disappearing 3km away from you without smoke, no, that didn't happen. You mustn't have had LOS or the smoke wasn't rendering at the zoom level you had.
  4. Tom_Cruiser

    Minekaze got nerfed? Then nerf the cleveland

    So? You claimed that it's over performing, I'm putting it to you that it's actually the Furutaka and the Nicholas that are the problem ships.
  5. Tom_Cruiser

    Minekaze got nerfed? Then nerf the cleveland

    Compared to what? It does less average damage than the Kongo, the Zuiho, the New York, the Omaha, and the Murmansk. I'd say it's more that the Nicholas and the Furutaka are under performing rather than the Minekaze being particularly great.
  6. Tom_Cruiser

    Dead ships planes

    As much as I enjoy getting l2p advice from someone with 760 average experience in destroyers, and as valid as your points may be, surely this is ultimately a forum to discuss the validity of certain game mechanics as either good, bad, enjoyable, fun, irritating, adding to the game, etc, rather than talk about tactics to overcome that mechanic. As an example, I, in my Minekaze, lure a somewhat isolated Furutaka around an island and nuke him with Torps, hurray it's happy times. Now though, his scout plane is just circling around and spotting me, I was only 1km or so away from him when he died yet I'm now taking fire from a couple of cruisers 10km away because of this. Sure I can smoke, or lol, call in allied air assets, but the question is should I have to do this? A player who is dead has a consumable that is still impacting my gameplay, and can continue to do so for some time. In my opinion that aircraft should now be out of the game, beyond the issues that I can't see it on the map nor determine accurately how far away it is on my HUD it's very existence is a problem. A rough like to like example would be the AA barrage ability still working on a wreck for 20 or 30 seconds after that players ship died, no I don't think that's good for the game.
  7. Tom_Cruiser

    Dead ships planes

    Often easier said than done. When you're being spotted by the aircraft of someone who died 3 minutes ago, then coming under fire because of it then it's just an unnecessary additional problem for DDs. The icon for spotter and catapult fighters on your HUD doesn't have their range on it, so for example in my Minekaze I know my plane spotting distance is 3.1km, good luck guessing how far they are away (especially as they don't appear on the minimap).
  8. Tom_Cruiser

    Dead ships planes

    When you kill a carrier, a cruiser, or a battleship that has a plane or squadron airborne they (the aircraft) should go right ahead and leave the map. I'd be happy with them just disappearing, but if they have to fly off into nothingness then fine. There are already enough problems with trying to stay undetected as a DD when there are carriers with 4-5+ squadrons of planes flying around, let alone having to avoid patches of the map where someone died because there is now an aircraft (or 10) flying around in a circle. Also the catapult fighter and spotter aircraft need to have ranges below their icons...
  9. Tom_Cruiser

    Why Can't WoW Support SLI or CF?

    Not only does SLI not add any perceptible performance increase (probably due to the fps cap, though not sure if it increases the minimums, it's impossible to play with because...), it also causes artifacts all over the screen, 2015 indeed.
  10. Tom_Cruiser

    Premium shop stuff

    Yay a 2x for the first win of the day, how amazing... Besides the fact it should be a 2x for the first win every single day, and the specials weekends should be 3 or 5x, but whatever I'm just "greedy" and "pampered",
  11. Tom_Cruiser

    Bismarck Detailed Stats (From Gamescom)

    Dispersion still looks bad
  12. Tom_Cruiser

    Is the match maker turned off

  13. Tom_Cruiser

    Are CVs Really OP...........?

    LOL. The T4 IJN CV does comfortably more (~25%) average damage than the T9 American cruiser, let alone vs other ships at it's tier. Anyways, as for this thread, ofcourse they're OP. The T4 and T5 USN CVs are the only ones even remotely close to being balanced (though I believe they still do too much damage), at every other tier/nation combo they do huge damage compared to every other class, and they take no risks in doing it. We have access to the stats across all the ship classes, there is little room for debate I'm afraid.