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  1. ionshield

    Sending Message Ctrl V

    A persistent problem I have found when using Ctrl V to paste a message to Clan members. The problem lies with multiple opened message windows: the first message paste is fine, but the next and following message paste appears in the message box but when enter is clicked the message disappears and needs to be re-pasted; sometimes up to three or four attempts before the message is accepted. Regards
  2. ionshield

    supply lines oil

    What's the deal with the oil my clan is supposed to get for being in the clan war - supply lines. We're expecting about 1500 barrels but I haven't seen them yet. Any info about them would be great.
  3. ionshield

    Why is it so?

    I am confused! I have played a Ranked Battle against a z-23 and I was in a Benson. I also have a Z-23. Both of my DDs are fully kitted for anti- detection, the Benson has a detection range of 5.8km and the Z-23 has a detection range of 6.2km. Now here's my problem. Why and more importantly 'how' did the Z-23 manage to spot me before I saw it? Thread moved to more appropriate location. ~ADM_dude
  4. ionshield


    Hi, from the game launch screen go to settings in the top right corner and under the support tab you will find the 'check and repair game integrity' button. Let it do its thing. All the best, see you on the vwaves. ionshield
  5. ionshield


    Thanks tc1259 you the others are right. I ran the excellent repair utility and the problem was rectified. I suspect my download was corrupted.
  6. ionshield


    Cheers, Interesting that it may only be me, however, I have noticed a couple of other changes; the emblems are all coloured now where they were only an outline. So the evidence is mounting that there was a change, albeit small, but enough to cause a bug that is intermittent.
  7. ionshield


    To those who are affected, My machine's fps performance was severely reduced from an enjoyable 74fps to 25fps during game play yesterday afternoon 17/04/2018 (Sydney Time). I have looked for any downloads which might have 'snuck in' and tested my machine which is only 3 months old: pentium I7 16gb ram Nvidia geforce gtx 1060 6gb 256gb SSD. Other games run as sweet as. The only change I can see is the removal of the tier 10 ships on loan for clan battles and my fps. Has anyone else suffered the same problem?
  8. ionshield

    i need help

    I down loaded the game on my new pc but it says eu server how do i get into the asia server where my account is.
  9. ionshield

    Call of Seagal

    Hi Guys, I want to put him on a Russian ship. He qualifies as a Russian citizen now.
  10. ionshield

    torpedos off hotkeys

    It seems I didn't notice the scroll down function. Please feel free to sink a couple of shells into me to wake me up!!
  11. ionshield

    torpedos off hotkeys

    I used to be able to go to settings/control and select what keys I liked to control ship & guns & torps. But now I find that the torps selection has been removed.
  12. ionshield

    torpedos off hotkeys

    I noticed that the torps have been taken out of the control settings. Is it going to be fixed or is it permanent
  13. ionshield

    Control settings

    Hi guys, I like to put my number keypad as ship contols but every time I re-load the game they disappear, any clues how to save the changes.