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    SILV3R_SHADOW reacted to ADM_dude in My epic WOWS trailer   
    I must admit, that is very cool. Nice editing and camera work too  My only thoughts are that a little less of the ships blowing up and more action would make it perfect nonetheless I still think it is pretty well done, nice work
  2. Cool
    SILV3R_SHADOW got a reaction from ADM_dude in My epic WOWS trailer   
    Hello, im Silv3r Shadow, 
    I turn gameplay into trailers, or at least try to
    Hope everyone enjoys this, special thanks to Drakon for giving me replay files to play with and the 5 citadels.

  3. Cool
    SILV3R_SHADOW got a reaction from XP_On in Replay files Wanted ^.^   
    Hello WOWS Asia, To do a little intro, I am Silv3r Shadow, Im found on more of the mmorpg forums, but i really enjoy WOWS.
    I'd like to create a video of WOWS im not at all known on youtube but I make vids using my or community replay files, here's a link

    I made this vid all out of 1 member of Firefalls replay files of OWPVP the game is dead but i spent just over 70 hours putting this vid together alone.
    im not at all special but I put in all my effort, record, colour correct, track, contrast, blur every single camera shot (about 200 in this one),
    I recently formatted my pc so i lost my 50 or so replay files, but i haven't unlocked further than T7 anyway, so if anyone would like to supply me some replay files that has some gucci gameplay please sent em my way. I love close combat! with multiple ships, they would make some really good scenes within 3km.
    Hoping to get a response before I try NA forums, but if i get a good response i'll buy the latest version of Sony Vegas
    thank you