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  1. Beaufighter

    To free XP or not to free XP

    Pepsi is good, once it is upgraded and as long as you do not show your side to ANYTHING!
  2. Beaufighter

    Definitive proof of Wargaming rigging matches?

    Tamal, if you really want my opinion then email me. I'm not here on the forums to be trolled.
  3. Beaufighter

    Definitive proof of Wargaming rigging matches?

    Having run US DD's and IJN DD's, you'll find me in a IJN DD any time I run RB.
  4. Beaufighter

    Definitive proof of Wargaming rigging matches?

    You are going to argue with everything I say. Is there any point in continuing this conversation because you will always believe your opinion is right no matter what I say? I kicked some .... in the Shima in CB.
  5. Beaufighter

    Definitive proof of Wargaming rigging matches?

    Every ship relies on the other ships in the game. CV's rely on the whole team to protect it from other ships. BB's rely on Cruisers and DD's to keep DD's off it. Cruisers rely on DD's to spot other DD's and BB's to shoot BB's and CA's and sometimes DD's too. DD's rely on the rest of the team keeping the enemy planes off it, and to shoot the enemy ships it spots, with first priority going to enemy DD's. Just my take, you don't have to agree. That's how I roll, in my Yugumo, HSF HK, Kagero, Shinonome, Gearing, Fletcher, Benson, Sims, Farragut, Z-23, Gaede, Lo-Yang, Fushun, Ognevoi, Gnevny, Gallant, & Vampire. These being the only DD's I have in my port at the moment.
  6. Beaufighter

    Definitive proof of Wargaming rigging matches?

    And the problem with getting IJN DD's is? 1 Good IJN DD is worth 2 Good DD's of any other nation IF your team supports it and doesn't leave it to die.
  7. Beaufighter

    An Argument for CV Removal

    My suggestions for CV improvements: a) level the playing field, IJN, German and US carriers SHOULD get the same (CV's should not be about authenticity but about playability): number of flights fighter/torp/db combinations (they ALL need an Air Superiority build, 3 fighter flights vs 1 fighter flight is VERY BAD for whoever has the 1 fighter flight build) balance the premium CV's to match the same tier CV's b) CHANGE the current Emblem achievement from average damage dealt to average AIRCRAFT SHOT DOWN. CV's are currently being rewarded for concentrating on damage and NOT on PROTECTING their fleet. This leads to them playing in a selfish play style that only adds to the current level of CV hate. c) Change all Campaign/daily/etc missions to reflect that above, campaign/daily/etc missions are the cause of a lot of poorly considered/selfish play. ie. Be the first to spot 2 carriers in a DD, this will generally cause a DD to YOLO in the hope of beating his teams planes to finding the enemy CV.
  8. That is incorrect. Please re-read my edited post. I misread your post, replied to that, re-read your post and corrected my own reply.
  9. Own the Yamamato and take it out for a spin, that should start the Yamamoto personal missions. Additional containers can be obtained by completing renewable combat missions with HSF Graf Spee (20 additional containers), HSF Harekaze (20 additional containers), Yamato (10 additional containers), and Musashi (10 additional containers). To access these missions, play a single battle with the corresponding warship. (as per the HSF news)
  10. Hi there, just noticed that instead of the two lots of FIVE special flags that were advertised as being the rewards for completing missions on the test server I have received only two lots of THREE, that's 6 flags instead of 10, it doesn't sound like much but it equates to about 20K-40K of ship xp, 10K of free xp (?) which is about 10 games, and 3-5 hours worth of play (at a rough guess). These flags are one of the main reasons I get on the test server. (The others are to try new ships, get premium days, and to help try locate bugs before they locate me in the live game).
  11. Beaufighter

    Yamamoto Stage 2 rediculous without carrier...

    Seiji, thank you for replying. Not sure what the first sentence is referring to. I have no problem with there being a Yamamoto campaign, it's actually good. What I was after was a change to the missions in stage 2 that was causing people problems, especially to those of us who did not know that you could do the same mission twice AND get rewarded for it TWICE!!!
  12. Beaufighter

    Yamamoto Stage 2 rediculous without carrier...

    *** NEWSFLASH *** Apparently you can do the same mission twice and still earn stars the second time through...
  13. Beaufighter

    ESC Key & Profile

    When in the garage/port is there any chance you can make the ESC key work like in WoT? Currently it just brings up the menu, in WoT it takes you back to the garage and only brings up the menu if you are in the garage already (ie if you are in the profile screen it takes you back to the garage). It gets annoying when you are used to one standard of interface and you have to adjust to a new style. Profile - currently it defaults to Co-op, can it be made to default to Random Battles instead as this is the most common style of play?