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  1. Beaufighter

    Player who always on my team

    Players, The forums are not the correct place to report bot accounts. If you believe you have found a bot account, please submit a ticket through the support system. Regards Beaufighter
  2. Beaufighter

    Introducing WoWs Karma

    Rather than an "opt out" option, I personally think an "opt in" option would be more appropriate.
  3. Beaufighter

    4 DD against to 6 BB. Stupid matchmaking system

    @Neufert1 we do not give out Pernament bans, but we are happy to give out Permanent ones if and when you commit such acts as require it.
  4. You leave them alone, and you play the game properly. Supertesters are there to try and iron the bugs out of ships so that when you get them they are playable. They do NOT need some griefer making their job harder.
  5. Beaufighter

    Because this is fair isnt it

    It's simples. Make a Ranked Battles of 7 v 7 CV's and see how many CV players want to put up with their own class of ships hurt...
  6. Beaufighter

    No.2 Legendary Battleship

    That is an INCREDIBLE job at capturing the vibe of the whole server (apart from the CV players) when it comes to CV battles.
  7. Beaufighter

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 4

    Yep got it too, - took me about 20 games for the achievements ... after about 10-15 games switched to the Cossack/Lightning, had to disregard my duties as part of the team, ran straight into cap, straight into the enemy DD and outplayed for a first kill and devastation, then dying within the first 5mins of game. Very poor form, lots of losses because I wasn't around to help carry the team. This is not the sort of performance WG should be encouraging. - took about the same amount for the 3 kills in co-op ... first 5 or so in my King G, after having about 3 games where my 3rd kills were stolen literally in the last 1-5 seconds (rounds incoming, someone else gets there first), swapped to Cossack. Frustration levels were rising, several times just had to walk away from the game. Best course of action is to ask the other players at the start of the game to assist / not steal your kills. Many players will ignore the request either due to language barrier or sheer disrespect for other players. Missions should NEVER encourage poor sportsmanship, individual play, short term play styles, or be frustratingly difficult.
  8. Beaufighter


    Gives you a personal mission which rewards in a twitch premium container, twich camos, and some weird looking flag. Thanks for posting.
  9. Beaufighter

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 4

    So basically, if you want to play properly then it's a big pain in the butt. But you can farm it, if you just play really badly and have friends to help you beat the system. WG ... you need to think about your missions before you inflict them onto your player base.
  10. Beaufighter

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 4

    You've got to try and farm the achievements first, and that can be difficult, depending on what UK ships you have and how your team plays. WG's missions really really annoy and frustrate me some times. It's like putting a lolly jar high on a shelf in plain sight and telling the kid they can have a lolly if they can reach the jar.
  11. Beaufighter

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 4

    Is it just me, or does this series of missions look next to impossible to complete within 1 week?
  12. Beaufighter

    Operation Dynamo Suicide Exploit

    So what you are saying is that one player is making three players do all the work for this one player in a four player game? I do hope the player is paying them in doubloons. That is 20mins worth of work.
  13. Beaufighter

    Operation Dynamo Suicide Exploit

    NP guys and thanks, like you, all I want is a decent game.
  14. Beaufighter

    Operation Dynamo Suicide Exploit

    This game is about team work, and if they are not interested in actually participating in the game, then I don't think they quite understand what this game is about. They may think they are smart because they are bypassing the game, or are making others do all the work for them, but all this is doing is showing others just what sort of person they are. And I for one, do not have any respect for someone who does this or is that sort of person.
  15. Beaufighter

    Operation Dynamo Suicide Exploit

    Okay, so how about the other 3 players not in the Div that have to put up with someone Park'ing in the mines? I for one would be rather annoyed and I DO report that behaviour. I will screenshot and report any Div's that I see doing this and urge everyone else to do likewise.