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  1. Do anyone stuck with the same problem? My update has stopped and the server claimed that I have no connection with it. Do anyone know the solution to the matter?
  2. IJN yukikaze, make it sail-able with both IJN and pan-Asian captains
  3. RB79BALL

    Dasha letter who can Decipher

    As I have played the mission in open Beta, it sounds like Sunray into darkness. The last section where players are required to sail their sub to the enemy's underwater base. The scenario seems to align with the letter.
  4. RB79BALL


    Good luck everyone
  5. RB79BALL

    Yugomo To Shima : My big dilemma

    I personally prefer the Shima rather than yugumo. I am using TA and running 20km torp. It is true that you will not hit the enemy that often but the contribution is on area denial. Forcing enemy to turn and can't shoot your allies IS very helpful in a game. In my experience, your torp will always be spotted by enemy DDs regardless on the torp's version. Therefore, enemy will be able to dorge it anyway. With that in mind, range is more important than speed. The other benefit for a long range torp is the safety from radar. When any of the enemy CA have it active, you receive a death sentence if the enemy consider you as a threat. Escaping 3 to 4 km from concentrate fire is rather difficult and highly dependent on enemy gunnery. If you are playing with 8km torp, the window of opportunity only appears in mid late game, where enemy DDs are all/mostly dead and CV lost interest with you. I do agree that 12km torp is the most versatile setting for shima but with drawbacks. Russian CA with 12 km radar and enemy CV will have you spotted and all hell break lose again. I have had 2/3 of a game where I am either spotted by radar or FTRs as I try to approach and torp anything... In conclusion, firing torpedo at around 13 km from the enemy is the safest way to play the ship with reasonable (but may not be visible) contribution. You are not too far from AA ships in your team and you can push closer as the game progress
  6. RB79BALL

    Is aircraft carrier that big of the deal?

    It is that bloody captain draw the difference between players even further
  7. RB79BALL

    French Collection frustrations

    You guys know that you can exchange the repeating items, right?
  8. RB79BALL

    Is aircraft carrier that big of the deal?

    Buy the SAIPAN and rule the sky. With its tier 9 planes You can learn how to strafe against enemy with no causes. The high speed torpedo planes can quickly change his approach or target. Give you a much higher chance to destroy enemy ships. A below average SAIPAN player is possible to fight against a better CV player in any other CV within the tier.
  9. I have test out the disable collection button and re enabled the collection button in the collection tab. After that, I can't collect any HSF character via the daily boxes. Please have a look at the bug.
  10. In the event battle, cv players can't see the torpedo path in manual drop if the target is within the "blob" of filth. Is it intentional?
  11. RB79BALL


    已經用了照過3個月, 除了不斷玩六小時後 crash 之外, 並沒有其他問題.