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  1. magpies_666

    Can't connect to server

    sydney is +10
  2. magpies_666

    Name Violations

    looks like i've found a snowflake
  3. magpies_666

    Name Violations

    recently awindowlicker 4 months prior new_ign 12 months ago village_idiot
  4. magpies_666

    Name Violations

    How is it possible that after months of using an ign all of a sudden it breaches the rules. how many ppl need to complain or does a mod with no sense of humour have the power to ign ban? Seems some snowflakes need to htfu Disputing Moderator/GM/Wargaming Decisions , Thread Locked , User Warned , Please Refer to https://asia.wargaming.net/support/ For more information ~Ephys
  5. magpies_666

    error connecting server

    i was like wtf.......i've been chat banned but i haven't be bad to warrant game ban
  6. magpies_666

    error connecting server

    so its a server thing.
  7. magpies_666

    error connecting server

    what does this mean.. your account has been locked until 10.05.2017. reason: your account has been banned for a short maintenance. we apologize for the inconvenience.
  8. magpies_666


    i selected try your luck 20 times in a row = 0 super containers. i stopped try your luck after that. better of taking other stuff.
  9. magpies_666

    Elite status XP for Cmdr skills

    elite, but also premium since prem ships are fully researched. but since i have no tokens i can't even see how much convertable xp i have built up. i stopped playing wot because of the repetition of same maps, same idiot play, long grinds. once the last of my prem runs out i will stop playing wow for awhile. either listen and make changes for the betterment or lose players wg
  10. magpies_666

    when will free exp convert discounts come?

    asia server is always left out. same as wot. when it comes to rewards & bonuses & specials sea wow is like feast or famine.,
  11. Will XP earnt on ships with elite status be transferable to Cmdr skills, as per WoT, and if not why? If yes, then when? The skill progression gets slower as more are gained. At this point of time I have over 100k of 'free' , bullshit descriptor, convertable XP which I refuse to convert for $$$. Talk about being robbed.
  12. magpies_666

    In game name confusion

    Really? Village idiot is a joke name. The IGN police better start trolling IGN then because there are far more offensive ones. Maybe WG only allow people to use their first name followed by a number. So you end up with Peter01, Peter134, Steve67, Steve6879, etc. Then all the little princesses in the world don't get offended.
  13. magpies_666

    In game name confusion

    Received this... Dear Commander, It has come to our attention that your in-game name is in violation of the rules and regulations that you have acknowledged before playing the game. In order to fix this issue, we have provided you with a free name change option. Just go directly to our website using this link https://asia.wargaming.net/personal/?utm_campaign=wot-portal&utm_medium=link&utm_source=global-nav. Please make sure that your new name adheres to our Game Rules and Regulations. This free name change is a one-time courtesy, if you incur another nickname violation after this, your account will be suspended and you would have to change your name using the regular 2500 gold amount, after changing you will need to contact our support team at https://asia.wargaming.net/support/ to have them lift the sanction on your account. We thank you for your cooperation regarding this issue. My previous IGN was Village_Idiot. How is that a violation? Have we become to politically correct? Are people to insensitive? Will this topic be banned? Disputing wargaming decision. Post Locked. user Warned. ~dead_man_walking