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    In torpedo we trust!
  1. thekrisn4

    Broken Japanese carrier

    Can you tell me how is Ranger the worst? I'm currently going to try USN Carriers, shooting IJN enemy planes seems fun to make them pissed off, lol
  2. thekrisn4

    The aPOIcalypse is Here! Limited Titles!

    I would like "Sky Clicker" pls
  3. I've heard a BGM in several battles that resembles very much a BGM in Appregio Ars Nova, I specially like this BGM, it's kinda action-ish music that makes me feel thrilling. Though I don't know what the title is, and I'm wondering if anyone here knows. Yeah, I know, I'm kinda being vague here, but this one is really a nice battle BGM!
  4. thekrisn4

    fighters damaging ships

    you should see the damage indicator direction, if it was from behind then blame your teammate
  5. Concerning on the topic, regardless it will be implemented or not, I would like to add that; - every recon plane should be able to detect and attack subs with depth charges, keep 'em busy dodging, - they can only submerge to the firing depth, so they're still vulnerable to torps - very limited torps ofc, so they don't spam
  6. thekrisn4

    Fighters and Dogfights

    IJN fighters aren't that weak, if you use proper tactic like baiting enemy fighters to your CAs, you can actually shoot down 2 USN squads with 1 IJN squad, well it happened to me once. Or you can sacrifice them and use them to buy time for your TB/DB to safely attack the enemy carrier. Tbh, I prefer that once your fighters get engaged into a dogfight you can't get out of it until one of them get shot down, I think it makes CV players to be more considerable when using their fighters.
  7. thekrisn4

    Any more wipes ?

    I thought they want us to start with 'equal footing', so why they let us to play first, I don't understand
  8. thekrisn4

    80% + playing Japan

    well, I love torpedoes, soo ... IJN for me
  9. thekrisn4

    How much can I get from selling Arkansas in OBT ?

    why would you sell it? I, for example, would keep it for a while, and see if it's any better than the Wyoming.
  10. thekrisn4

    The Iwaki Alpha

    I'm one of them, and I got this ship few days ago
  11. thekrisn4

    What are you doing to get ready for WoWs

    I have been training to lead targets with torpedoes in Battlestations Pacific, don't know if it would be much of a use in WoWs
  12. thekrisn4

    PC Requirements

    Do I really need 64bit Windows as stated on the website, or 32bit will do just fine?