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  1. SakuraKatzuragi

    Update 0.9.8 Querry

    Dear WG Devs, How can I say this... Is there something problem with the new update? When I was Updating for the newest update it stops and Shows Error and says check my internet connection but its just fine... then later the Checking Integrity Update keeps failing and Errors... So I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the World of Warships Asia and this happens... I don't even know what to do now...
  2. SakuraKatzuragi


    Now that is bullshit WG... Permanently removed IJN Musashi... Wanna see MatchMaking full of Georgia's and JeanBarts now !? Especially Alaska and Pommern !? Just Great...
  3. SakuraKatzuragi

    Update 0.9.8

    Devs... How can I re-download the game when this always happens... ? Is the file corrupted or something ?
  4. SakuraKatzuragi


    Is the IJN Yamato-Class Battleship IJN Musashi is permanently removed, or will it return ?
  5. SakuraKatzuragi

    Update 0.9.8

    Getting Errors when I Update my Game... Then... I tried uninstalling and reinstalling... The Update WinRar file is corrupted... What now WG Devs...
  6. SakuraKatzuragi


    Is the userMusic for World of Warship is not available anymore ? Since can't find the res folder anymore.