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  1. NK_

    Beta account wipe?

    Hey old friends, I'm in ships now too. I'm liking this game, gave up on tanks for same reason (mostly) that being SPG's ruining my experience, with this game at least I can do something about the sky (insert bad word) by arming my commander with perks that ruin their days.
  2. Hello, new to game (even tho I did participate in the alpha) and was wondering if there is a sub forum somewhere where I can find a really casual clan/guild. Cheers NK Scratch that, found it. I was just viewing the English speaking section. (ungh)
  3. NK_

    Statement regarding recent leaks

    You serious? Bad cop. :p
  4. Sure it's all FeeTs fault. Oh and that anime loving mod too. ;)
  5. NK_

    Naval Slang

    Avast me hearties! (hello my friends)
  6. Who cares, alpha testers are there to test the game it's not meant to be fun and tbh I'd just like to play the game. When it comes out and it's bug ridden we know who to blame.
  7. NK_

    Possible mods for WoWs

    I play for fun and I play to win. I get the best of both worlds.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfWarships I'll upload in a minute.
  9. Put your hands up! I really liked that game, I played it on the poxy xbox as well so even worse but the fun was still there. My fave ship was the Japanese Shimakaze class destroyer, it was fast and had a lot of torpedo tubes. It had enough health that allowed you to get in close and unload a heap of underwater madness into the enemy that not even a battleship could survive. What ship are you most looking forward to playing?
  10. NK_

    Tier 10 BB. Yamato vs Montana

    I would say Yamato based on paper. But things like fire control systems and what not also come into consideration so therefor an accurate answer is not available. But I like the Yamato better just for the stalga.
  11. NK_

    Ralph is on board.