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  1. Vrea_Zwei

    World of Warships 2016 Japanese Ads

    Don't know just found this while browsing youtube
  2. Vrea_Zwei File integrity check bug

    From all what I know is, do clean re-install the game and then download and install the newest game client from website. This is probabaly launcher version check error, since you're using the oldest ones for some case..
  3. Vrea_Zwei

    Dude why did you spawn right there?

    "GOOD, Now we have traitor.."
  4. Vrea_Zwei

    Win/Loss Streak-Why is it happening?

  5. Vrea_Zwei

    What if Japan and America had teamed against germany?

    2nd that NZLBROTHERS2016, on 05 October 2016 - 04:31 PM, said: and whether or not it would have saved the Yamato and Musashi to this day. Not sure... probably only Yamato... You know how much to build one of that battleships right? *Scrap one of them*
  6. Vrea_Zwei

    German BB coming !

    Hope if it H44...
  7. Vrea_Zwei

    German BB coming !

    H-39 would likely using 16" guns in 2x4 turret, and H41 will using 18" or (maybe?) 20" guns in 2x4 turret EDIT: or 17"
  8. Vrea_Zwei

    World of Warmemes

    When you killed 2 enemy battleships on Atago
  9. Vrea_Zwei

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    by famous master race
  10. Vrea_Zwei

    indonesian WoWs community

    So, it can't... But, atleast they still following the rules