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  1. MegazeroMZ

    Self Made Mods

    What about the klein field mod no one else do that one so will you upload it?
  2. MegazeroMZ

    First Impressions CBT

    All I'm waiting at this point is more mod, especially sight mod, and a wiki detail the ship's area :3
  3. MegazeroMZ

    Ship unsecured, Cap'n

    It would be better if we have something like a shipyard with all the ship in it like in Star Conflict, and when you move your camera around you can still see the other ship in other slot. And for some reason I still dont get my Beta Tester Status~
  4. Hmm... arent my account suppose to show "Beta Tester" now that I have access to the CBT ?
  5. MegazeroMZ

    Finally ,thank you

    It seem like there will be no code, it just that the account you are purchasing the package with will be granted access right away. EDIT: Yup, I can log in now :3
  6. MegazeroMZ

    Finally ,thank you

    Typical WG right ? Well I will buy the full package then... and wait till next month to buy GTA V~
  7. MegazeroMZ

    Finally ,thank you

    Can you posted the detail of each ship ? Especially the Torp range and reload time/Gun Range and reload time/ Concealment
  8. MegazeroMZ

    Finally ,thank you

    I've play quite abit of it borrow one of my friend acc So I'm still wondering if I should buy it or not.
  9. MegazeroMZ

    Finally ,thank you

    Ah... I was about to make the same mistake...
  10. MegazeroMZ

    Finally ,thank you

    You dont get the access with pre order gold?
  11. Oh nice, then it a good deal to buy the 3 ship now then.
  12. So the 90days premium will be renew at OBT date?
  13. MegazeroMZ

    Finally ,thank you

    You can buy the code now :3 with the preorder pack
  14. So now that the article is up, and seem like account that purchase it will be given authorization to download and join the CBT right? My question is... will the 90 day premium and the gold be renew/transfer to open beta? Like if I purchase it now and get 90 days premium now, then when the Open Beta happen will I have 90 days again starting from the Open Beta date? The ships seem like it will be transfer to the open beta for sure, but I'm still not clear about the 90 days prem thingy