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  1. Thanks Aslain's. Very much appreciated.
  2. Gr1zzly

    Damn do i love the cleveland

    Did find it amusing that a couple of Cleveland's have thought getting close to me in smoke while playing my DD was a good idea. I quickly showed them the error in their judgment.
  3. Gr1zzly

    The Red Light of Death

    One of the destroyers has a program to make you lag until he can finally hit with torps
  4. Gr1zzly

    Damn do i love the cleveland

    And people wonder why I start looking to open the seacocks and scuttle my ship when I see 3 Cleveland's on the opposing team while in my Tier 4 Cruiser....
  5. Funny you should mention this Syanda, because oddly enough, in a few of my BB games today, my secondary crews actually seemed to know what they were doing, managing to down two DD's in one game alone and playing a DD game today, got eaten up by secondary fire when I took a run at a BB around an island. I died (to his main guns, I swore they were facing the other way) but then he died to my torp spread. Hard to dodge both sides of an American DD spread from 2km.
  6. Well, at least when you do manage to hit a target, they will know the meaning of pain.
  7. Gr1zzly

    Ship unsecured, Cap'n

    Just put a bike chain on it, she'll be all good.
  8. Gr1zzly


    *sigh* My apologies gentleman and ladies (if any are present). What that should have read was Anti-Sub Aircraft. My phone typing skills aren't nearly as good as they should be and when you get older, and your eye sight starts to worsen, yeah lol Again, my apologies for any confusion.
  9. Well, depending on the country, jelly in the US would probably be known as jam to the rest of the world. Although I guess that could be a shortened form of Jealous? My daughter's come up with all kinds of odd words which make absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.
  10. Rofl. OMG, if I was willing to spend any money on this game, I'd send you some gold just for that post. Funny as.
  11. You'll have to ask the OP for them back, but just between us, I'm certain he has some he isn't using so they'd be like brand new.
  12. This thread is several minutes of my life I'll never get back. Add to that I think some brain cells died.... However, I did like Karl's Spiderman , so it wasn't a complete waste.
  13. Perhaps English isn't his / her first language? Still, mathematics is fairly universal, so you'd think it wouldn't be hard to understand. Obviously, for some it is.